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What makes BRAB special? We remember and use in our work fundamental marketing and communication principles, which many digital agencies have forsaken.

First of all, it refers to transmitting advantages and positioning of Client’s product through online content. The content we create for promotion of online resources is interesting and readable. It also contains “reasons to believe” - facts that support general statements about the product and make them trustworthy for users.

Basic principles.BRAB
We always conduct a deep study of Client’s business and form a list of key marketing messages about the product.
Comprehensive approach: we use all online marketing tools and methods available today.
Training and experience of our team are unique to the industry and help us conduct complex analysis of promotion results.
We follow latest trends in development and design. Whatever we produce, it will most certainly be beautiful, understandable and convenient.

There is no other agency on the market of online promotion and development that pays so much attention to this particular aspect and has the required expertise.

1. We apply an individual set of tools according to Client’s needs. Some of the methods, like SEO, PPC, SMM or email marketing are more prevalent. The rest of the tools is still rarely used by other agencies in the industry, such as online reputation management (ORM), content marketing, informational platforms and web directories. Thus, these tools have proven to be highly effective in many of our projects.

2. We are strongly convinced that it is possible to achieve top results only with comprehensive approach to online promotion. From our experience it is more effective to use a set of tools instead of just one or two methods.

Along with dynamics in traffic we also trace business results, such as the number of new customers, sales dynamics and profits for a certain promotion channel or the entire advertising campaign. Among the range of other services BRAB also offers our Client’s to set up the infrastructure for analytics.

Some of the best ukrainian designers are on our team. Before joining BRAB they gained years of experience in the leading advertising agencies and large design studios. Talented experts and friendly atmosphere inside the team help them put the pieces together and solve puzzles when developing a website or working with visual content. Most of our websites contain large volumes of content, however they remain compact, good-looking and user friendly.

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