Generation of new business
through online promotion
A separate package of online marketing services focused on generation of NEW BUSINESS. Here we united online promotion instruments, which produce FAST EFFECT and lead to growth in the number of new clients: contextual advertising, remarketing, leads generation in social media, targeted ads in social media.
About the Service
If your product idea and price are adequate, we will help boost your sales! To reach this goal at BRAB we provide a separate package of services, which are specifically aimed at the generation of new business and which produce fast effect.
Contextual advertising
Setting up ads in the search engines, daily management of campaigns, analytics and optimization. As a result, ads are shown your target audience who input a relevant search inquiry in Google. Sometimes the effect of this type of advertising becomes visible in the first few days.
Leads generation in social media
This service involves showing targeted ads to your target audience. After a click on the ad your potential client is asked to leave his contacts in a contact form. The inquiry is sent to you, so that your salespeople can follow up.
Basically, this instrument involves showing display ads to people who have already visited your website, but did not buy. Often customers do not make purchase decision fast, but once they have shown interest to your product or service, reminding them about your product through online ads becomes an effective way to close the deal.
Targeted ads in social media leading to website
Involves showing ads which forward your potential client to a relevant page of your website. Ads are shown to a precisely selected target audience. Targeting criteria involve: location, interests, gender, age, history of actions in the web, model of mobile device used for browsing, etc.
These instruments work better together in one set. That is why we united them into a separate service package, the effectiveness of which is already proved by a whole number of success stories of our Clients.

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BRAB serves companies in various industries in the USA, Switzerland, China, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Georgia, and other countries. Our team of currently 20 people is located in Ukraine, and we also employ experts from other countries, such as copywriters native speakers of English, German and Spanish.
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Партнеры BRAB
years of marketing experience in a number of companies
years of successful cooperation with international clients
years of marketing in a number of companies
success stories in online marketing with clear business results in various industries

Scrupulous setup of contextual advertising

We thoroughly work on the selection of search keywords and actively use long-tail keywords (less common but more specific for company’s product). Simply put, we spend more effort than most other agencies. First results of contextual advertising become visible already in the first month. Return on advertising cost our customers often get is over 8-10 times.

Precise targeting in social media

We set up advertising in the social media using a number of characteristics of the target audience: gender, age, interests, behavior, location, mobile device used, etc. Due to the special corporate culture of BRAB and right selection of specialists, this work is done very thoroughly.

We create all content for online promotion

In our team we employ professional copywriters, who create all content for advertising. For English, German and Spanish speaking markets we involve copywriters, who are native speakers on project-by-project basis. Sometimes we offer our Clients services of upgrading or developing website or landing pages to boost advertising effectiveness.

High design standards

In our team we have a separate designer, a person experienced specifically in display ads development, working on visual design of ads. BRAB can boast a very high standard of design and understanding of how it works in advertising.

Not just text

Ensuring that ads contain marketing messages about the advantages of the product is the central idea of BRAB. Before we develop texts for advertising, we first organize a meeting or a call with our Client to discuss their products’ positioning and advantages.

Reporting and results

Each month we provide our Clients with a detailed report on advertising results. We monitor results daily, and each week hold a short talk with our Clients or send them email on “how it is going”. In fact, we are as much keen to reach the results, as our Clients are because we understand that only when we deliver results our Clients will continue to do business with us.

High level of client service

We react fast to Clients’ inquiries and requests. Our senior people can be easily reached by a Client and help solve the problem, if any problem arises. We grow our company to become an international leader, and we understand that it just won’t be possible without flawless client service.
Fast results
  • Our Clients usually see solid positive dynamics in sales and reach multiple return on advertising cost within the first few months (sometimes even weeks)!
  • At BRAB we manage to gain convincing results for our Clients even with small advertising budgets. That is why this online promotion services package is an ideal solution for self-employed individuals, small and mid-sized businesses.


BRAB’s agency fee
$800 per month
The agency’s fee might vary depending on the amount of work
Additional costs:

usually costs of advertising (payments charged by Google, Facebook, Instagram and other third parties) start from $500 a month.

For each project the advertising budget is calculated separately, and it depends on the number of countries targeted, goals, cost of advertising for a certain industry or product, Client’s ambitions and budget..

Promotion instruments:
  • contextual advertising
  • remarketing
  • leads generation from social media
  • targeted advertising in social media
  • Services:
  • all setups of advertising accounts and campaigns
  • development of ads’ texts
  • visual design of ads
  • daily management of the campaigns
  • analytics, monthly reports
  • update of advertising visuals and texts each month
  • Additional services upon Client’s request can be added to this package.
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    We seek long term partnership with our clients based on performance results and mutual respect.
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