Structure (or layout) of online resource is the structured vision of which information will be present on the website and how it will be arranged.
The essence of the service
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The essence of the service

When developing the layout we determine the informational blocks on the website, their arrangement and hierarchy, grouping and interaction.

What makes .BRAB special

Our approach to website layout embraces three main areas. Most of web studios omit points 2 and 3 of this list when creating the website layout.


Common sense

Using common sense to make information about Client’s product and other information important for target audience accessible and logically arranged.


Marketing messages

We design website structure to deliver marketing messages about Client’s product effectively to the user. An additional task we always perform is to determine which marketing messages are to be placed at certain pages and in what sequence.


Results of keyword analysis

We analyse keyword search results and design website structures which enhance future search engine optimisation efforts.

What is the result
Properly developed website layout provides the following benefits:
  • Allows users to easily navigate the site and quickly find necessary information
  • Presents to users information about Client’s product advantages
  • Helps attract organic traffic
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Main mistakes with the main page of your website
Traditionally the main page embraces the most important information the website owner wants to present. Even when users make the first contact through the product page or other child page, the Main page is most likely to be the next one they will visit. Therefore, it is vital to know the possible pitfalls beforehand and avoid them at the stage of development.
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How popular brands cooperate with opinion leaders
How popular brands cooperate with opinion leaders
Grand brands do it, online stores do it, even small ventures do it - everyone cooperates with opinion leaders to promote their business. And that’s the way to go!
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