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People tend to share mostly negative reviews and treat positive experience as given. Therefore, any well-known brand accumulates with time a certain volume of negative information about it. When this situation is left unmanaged, negative reviews will come up in the search results generated by search engines. Modern consumers are very susceptible to other users’ opinions and negative reviews generally prevent consumers from making a profitable purchase.
The essence of the service
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The essence of the service

The service includes monitoring and reacting to the content about Client’s business or product generated by customers and other 3rd parties (employees, etc.). It also involves creation and distribution of the positive content (positive reviews) in order to create trust to Client’s company and product.

ORM involves management of the entire online information which by any means can influence Client’s image or product reputation: any online reviews, ratings, articles, posts, pictures, etc.

What makes .BRAB special

We are one of the few agencies to include ORM into a set of our regular online promotion tools.

Since a third of our team are copywriters, BRAB has the required resource to generate appropriate content for various internet media and distribute positive information about the Client online.


Positive information

We thoroughly work with each source that contains comments or reviews about the Client to clear it from negative information. We regularly generate positive reviews on each of the sources.

Constant monitoring

We constantly monitor the appearance of new reviews and timely react to any negative reviews.

Supporting social media profiles

Once social media pages of our Clients are taken under our close management and are already filled with positive reviews, we keep working to promote it to the TOP of search results lists. This way we increase the probability of Client’s positive image to reach target audience.
What is the result
Ultimate result of ORM work is the positive Client image in online media, high visibility of positive reviews, and low number or absence of negative reviews.
  • First step is the detailed review of any online information present about the Client. We detect, which negative and positive things media or customers say.
  • Simultaneously, in cooperation with the Client we form the desired image for target audience and set goals.
  • Afterward, we start the actual process: clearing negative reviews, extruding negative information, posting articles, placing positive comments and news, distributing positive reviews, etc. All of this is aimed at improvement of company’s reputation and prompt reaction to negative information which may appear in the web.
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