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Search Engine Optimization (SEO) literally means optimizing web resource content to fit search engine requirements and work with external factors to achieve better assessment by Google and other search engines.
The essence of the service
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The essence of the service
To show a certain website in the results for certain search request search engine rates it and its content using the range of factors and internal algorithms. Our job is to consider and work out both internal and external factors to ensure highest positions among search results. Today, there are over 200 of these factors related to online content, technical components and external interaction with other online resources.
What makes .BRAB special

It is commonly considered that with search engines all agencies use the same methods. Approach to SEO at BRAB is different and more comprehensive.

After preliminary SEO inspection we help our Clients set right priorities in order to maximize company’s profits.. In example, we define key words and search inquiries, which are connected to Client’s commercially profitable products. On the other hand, we make sure that Client’s website will show up in the search engine’s output for the most “mass” search requests in the industry. We also set priorities to promote Client’s website by requests from from real customers (having an intention to buy), not just people interested in the subject.


No room for compromise

At BRAB we are very thorough and diligent when it comes to content. First of all, there can be no compromise between content ‘for search engine’ and content ‘for live users’. Entire content we design is both interesting and easily-read for the target audience, and optimized for search engine. And of course, all our texts contain marketing messages about the company and its product.

We pay a lot of attention to medium- and low-frequency keywords. We take simple keyword like ‘energy audit’ and expand it to ‘energy audit for houses in N city’ + ‘energy audit for facilities in N city’ + ‘energy audit for apartments in N city’, whereas most of other agencies would stop ta a high frequency keywords, and possibly would cover only a few medium frequency ones.



When both development and promotion of a website is in BRAB’s hands, our SEO specialist conducts a specific research which influences the design of site structure and website’s content. This way we generate solid base for further search engine optimization.

Transparent budget

BRAB assures transparent payments to any 3rd parties involved (Google, Referral websites, etc.). We separate our fees from promotion budget to avoid conflict of interest and financial abuse.
What is the result
Correct approach to SEO grants:
  • High performance speed;
  • fast promotion to the TOP of search results list;
  • makes the site user friendly.
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Common mistakes when creating websites for selling real estate in Dubai
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Common mistakes when creating websites for selling real estate in Dubai
Nowadays, the real estate market in Dubai is one of the most advanced and dynamic in the world. There are some factors affecting this tendency, in particular the growing city population, which is estimated at more than 2.5 million people.
Multi-page website as an effective tool for promoting a medical clinic
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Multi-page website as an effective tool for promoting a medical clinic
According to the Pew Research Center (Washington), 80% of Internet users search online for information about diseases and their treatments.1 This corresponds to 59% of all adults. This impressive reach of healthcare consumers makes hospital and clinic websites a versatile tool for customer acquisition and business development.
Say ‘YES’ to the corporate blog!
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Say ‘YES’ to the corporate blog!
Corporate blog is a section of a website which traditionally contains news and events of the company. It is usually quite boring and dull, but You can turn it into a really powerful promotion tool. You just need to know how to do that.
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