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Cooperation with digital agencies: outsourcing of online promotion services, content creation, online resource development
BRAB provides a comprehensive online marketing service to clients from the USA, Europe, CIS countries and Ukraine.

We also provide outsourcing services to other digital agencies in the world:

  • web development (professional content writing in various languages, web design, front-end and back-end programming);
  • for online promotion (content marketing, PPC, SMM, SEO, newsletters, etc.).
What might cooperation look like?
Basic forms of cooperation:
  • We run advertising campaigns in various markets around the world: SMM, PPC, messaging, content marketing, blogging, online PR, SEO.
  • We design and program an online resource (front-end, back-end) based on your content.
  • We develop content in various languages (English, German, Russian, Ukrainian) for the website and online promotion (contextual ads, advertising in social networks, content marketing, PR articles, SEO articles, etc.)
Your digital agency
  • Pass content, set strategy.
  • Accepts our work, presents the work to the Client, gives us comments.
  • Sets a brief for content creation.
  • Supervises content creation.
Additionally, it may be:
  • We receive the necessary information to create content directly from the Client.
  • We develop a list of marketing messages and agree with your agency and with the Client.
Your digital agency
  • Organizes communication with the end Client.

At the moment, we are systematically working with some of the TOP advertising agencies in Ukraine and are actively building similar relationships with agencies in Europe, the USA and the CIS.

Andrey Boyechko

“Our other company - RAIN - has been a system contractor for well-known consulting companies in the world since 2008. Some of them are Simon Kucher & Partners, AT Kearney, The Economist Business Intelligence Unit.

These are the most demanding clients there can be, with the highest international standard. We apply this experience and standard of service at BRAB.”

Branches and geography
We work on online marketing in completely different industries - from medicine and food to technology industries and IT.

We work across a wide geography:

  • Promotion - almost any country in the world.
  • Content creation and development of turnkey online resources - for English-speaking, German-speaking and Russian-speaking markets. The BRAB team includes copywriters with a professional level of English, German, Russian and Ukrainian.
  • Design development and programming (front-end back-end) - for almost any market in the world.
Outsourcing of digital marketing work BRAB

Some Reasons to Outsource Online Marketing to BRAB

High standard of work BRAB
We are a systematic company that has been working with Clients from various industries for several years and regularly achieves excellent results for them. We claim that our standard of work corresponds to world standards and is the best in the local market.
BRAB can add to your list of services
For various reasons, your company may not provide some of the online marketing services that we provide. This is how BRAB can help you make your offer more comprehensive.
BRAB could be cheaper
We traditionally focus on the quality of work and value creation in our service, rather than low price. However, it may be cheaper for digital agencies from other countries to outsource some of the work to us.
Temporary resource shortage
At certain moments within your company, there may not be enough internal resources to complete a particular project. Here we can help you.
More Flexibility
The expansion of the company's staff entails consequences in additional tax burden and various obligations. But if necessary, “shrinking” is already much more difficult. Therefore, often working with a reliable contractor under the outsourcing scheme is more profitable and less risky than increasing the company's staff.
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