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Сотрудничество с digital-агентствами
BRAB provides comprehensive online marketing services for Clients in Ukraine, CIS countries, Europe and the USA.

We also offer outsourcing of following services to digital agencies around the world:

  • Website development (professional content creation in various languages, web-design, front- and back-end programming);
  • Online promotion (content marketing, PPC, SMM, SEO, email marketing, messengers, etc.).
How does partnership work?
Basic cooperation scheme:
  • Runs advertising campaigns for various markets around the world: (SMM, PPC, marketing through messengers, content marketing, cooperation with bloggers, onlime PR, SEO).
  • Develops design and provides programming of online resources (front-end and back-end) based on your content.
  • Develops content in various languages (English, German, Russian, Ukrainian) for websites and online promotion campaigns (contextual advertising, SMM, content marketing, PR and SEO articles, etc.)
Your digital agency
  • Develops and passes to BRAB the content. Develops the overall strategy for the Client.
  • Reviews and evaluates BRAB’s work, mediates Client’s feedback.
  • Provides a brief for content development.
  • Supervises content development and approves outputs.
  • Receives information for content design directly from the Client.
  • Develops a list of key marketing messages and approves them with the Client and your agency.
Your digital agency
  • Arranges communication with the end Client.

Currently we have cooperate on a regular basis with several leading agencies in Ukraine, and we are actively building up similar partnerships with agencies in Europe and the USA.

Andrey Boyechko

“Since 2008 our other company, RAIN, is a reliable subcontractor for a whole number of global consulting companies. Among them are Simon Kucher & Partners, AT Kearney, The Economist Business Intelligence Unit.

Such renowned Clients are very demanding and with highest requirements possible. We apply this experience and high quality standards of work to what we do in BRAB.”

Services and geographies
We serve Clients from a wide range of industries, from healthcare to IT, from real Estate to fast moving consumer goods. We actively work both with B-2-C and B-2-B markets.

We successfully execute online promotion and web development services on a wide geography:

  • Online promotion services - for almost any part of the world.
  • Development of online resources and content development from scratch - for markets, where English, German, and Russian are spoken. BRAB team unites professional copywriters with a proficient knowledge of English, German, Russian and Ukrainian. We can employ copywriters with professional writing skills in other languages (Spanish, Italian, etc.) based on Client’s request.
  • Web design and programming (front and back end) services - for almost any part of the world
BRAB digital marketing outsourcing

Few reasons to outsource your online marketing project to BRAB

BRAB has highest quality standards of work
We apply comprehensive approach to online marketing for many years now and reach outstanding results in promotion for our Clients from various business areas. We fairly claim to be the leaders of the local digital marketing industry, and our work meets the highest global standards.
BRAB can expand the list of your services
Due to various circumstances your company may not be able or willing to provide some of the online marketing services which we do offer. BRAB can help you make your service package more comprehensive.
BRAB can be more affordable
We usually aim at creating value for the Client though significant online promotion results and quality of work, rather than low prices. However, in certain cases it may be cheaper for you to outsource work to us than do it in house.
Temporary shortage of resources
At some point of time your company may simply temporarily lack own resources to handle the project. That’s where we come in with help.
Additional flexibility
Extending the company staff can result in heavier taxes and additional legal responsibilities. And after you expand your team it is much harder to ‘cut them short’ when the need raises. That is why hiring a reliable subcontractor for outsourcing is always a more flexible solution.
What’s new.BRAB
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New Facebook algorithm: how to use it to Your advantage?
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Main mistakes with the main page of your website
Traditionally the main page embraces the most important information the website owner wants to present. Even when users make the first contact through the product page or other child page, the Main page is most likely to be the next one they will visit. Therefore, it is vital to know the possible pitfalls beforehand and avoid them at the stage of development.
Say ‘YES’ to the corporate blog!
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Say ‘YES’ to the corporate blog!
Corporate blog is a section of a website which traditionally contains news and events of the company. It is usually quite boring and dull, but You can turn it into a really powerful promotion tool. You just need to know how to do that.
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We seek long term partnership with our clients based on performance results and mutual respect.
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