We are grateful to our Clients for the opportunity to create the best online resources and show results in promotion. Some of our Clients also agreed to say a few words about cooperation with us.
Tatiana Babich, CEO
Tatiana Babich, CEO

Institute of Vertabrology and Rehabilitation.

National network of clinics for joint and spinal diseases

‘We are working with the BRAB team for 8 month now to promote the IVR online. There was a noticeable increase in profit and the number of calls already after 2 month of progress’

What do we like about BRAB:

1. Clear targets and regular reports about results. In other words, it is not some vague progress - you get numbers and stats every month to trace it.

2. Promotion ‘from scratch’. We set major goals together. Experts from BRAB team then decide how to reach those goals, which methods and tools to use. BRAB team takes over the entire project and does not bother IVR staff without a reason.

Having evaluated the abilities and results of the BRAB team we intend to focus our marketing strategy mainly on the online promotion.

Ilya Demydenko, co-owner of Clever Kids
Ilya Demydenko, co-owner of Clever Kids

Child care and early education center

‘BRAB really studies business peculiarities and completes projects from scratch with original solutions which work best for us‘.

BRAB really studies business peculiarities and completes projects from scratch with original solutions which work best for us. ‘BRAB did a great job! They took over the marketing campaign while the previous agency refused to share existing project documentation. BRAB team managed to solve the case on their own and provided stable online promotion results. We started our cooperation in summer and it is an important period for the child education center in terms of business perspective. The task was not only to level out the process but also to ensure proper enrollment for the upcoming academic year. BRAB began the work at the start of summer and with their efforts we had full enrolment by fall. It is worth mentioning, that we worked with the previous agency (well known in Ukraine) for 4 years and were not even close to what BRAB gave us in a few months I was glad to know that BRAB actually learns about your business to know its peculiarities. They do not use templates and trivial approach, instead they offer solutions which work best exactly for our case. I am happy with their work and results they managed to reach within a short time since it was crucial at that moment.

Daria Tafintseva, director
Daria Tafintseva, director

Ogilvy & Mather Ukraine

Ukraine’s leading creative agency

‘Reliable partner with fundamental approach to problem solving’.

‘Ogilvy & Mather Ukraine runs close partnership and cooperation with BRAB for 7 years now. Together we completed projects for a great number of brands from various areas of business. The BRAB team has proven to be a reliable partner with fundamental approach to problem solving. They are also very proactive and result oriented. We noticed these positive qualities while working with the very first common projects for brand promotion. We definitely recommend BRAB to all of our Clients.

Yurii Panchenko, director
Yurii Panchenko, director


A company specialized in energy saving for buildings and facilities.

‘I want to highlight the comprehensive approach and flexibility in use of range of promotion tools’.

‘I want to highlight the comprehensive approach and flexibility in use of range of promotion tools. Working with BRAB we noticed impressive qualitative and quantitative improvement of our online marketing results. And that is a proven fact! I want to emphasise the importance of complex approach and flexible application of methods. That is exactly what helped us reach the TOP 10 for Google search results with our main keywords and remain in that TOP 10 further on. Another advantages of BRAB are: high quality textual content, web page coding and detailed monthly reports to show current progress. I give them thumbs up and would definitely recommend them for your online resource promotion!’

Ella Kvachuk, Project Manager
Ella Kvachuk, Project Manager

E-Silknet in Ukraine

Global Social Network for E-Commerce

All our requirements have been met and understood

We asked the company to create tech site,that will inform visitors about ESILKROAD project, disclosed the nature of our work. Main requirements for site were: clear visualisation about orientation of it-project, informativeness and interactivity, user-friendly migration to sites of project’s orientation: ESILKNET, ESILKTRADE, ESILKART and
availability of feedback buttons.

In addition to development of web-resource was creating another site ESILKNET that fully consistent with tasks:
- develope site as quick as possible
-the site functionally has to meet the requirements,
-site is accompanied in case of necessesarity to make changes.

What we like in BRAB’s work?

  • All our requirements have been met and understood
  • Design of site was developed really fast and precisely meets the requirements
  • Fixes of website development have been made accurately and promptly.

Thank you so much

We look forward to continue seminal work.

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