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This service requires a great portion of communication and administrative skill. For this reason we have a separate expert in each team to work with online catalogues, aggregators and informational platforms. From our experience, we know that proper placement of the Client in various web directories is able to provide high quality traffic.
The essence of the service
What's Special
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The essence of the service
This service involves placement of detailed information about the Client in informational portals and web directories which literally aggregate information about companies in a range of business fields and locations. BRAB also provides a service of making Client highly visible in web directories (promotion to the top of the lists, placement on high priority pages) and accumulate positive reviews.
What makes .BRAB special
There are not that many experts providing this service since it is more complicated than it seems to be. The process involves a whole sequence of actions: calls and negotiations, constant monitoring of the placement, payments and paper work, and so on. But it’s totally worth it.

‘Smart’ selection of portals

For our Clients we select only the “best match” online portals and web directories accounting for relevance, business trends,geographical location of the Client, cost.

Reaching the TOP

We provide properly arranged information about the company (texts and graphics) and locate it at web directories. Further we promote the company to the TOP of the list and facilitate conditions to generate positive reviews.

Transparent budget

We assure 3-d parties payments transparency, which makes the process comfortable and secure.
What is the result
Attracting new customers and quality traffic.
  • Proper work with web directories and price aggregators is an effective way to attract new customers, accounting for its relatively low cost. The quality of traffic through this channel if rather high, since users already aim at particular items.
  • From our experience, correct management of this promotion channel can increase the number of calls from new customers up to 20-30%!
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