The creative idea in web design in this project began with an atypical structure of the site, which smoothly guides the potential buyer through the project, allowing them to familiarize themselves with the vision and all the nuance. High-quality renderings developed by the architects added an opportunity to show off every corner of the complex.

With The Orchard Place, implementation of the web design and roll-out, from A to Z, was completely in our hands. When the client (The Place company) came to us to develop the website, the complex was still in the planning stage. There was no upfront information. But after holding a series of meetings, we understood the concept, and began to imagine the future of the project. We initiated our research and started looking at the competition. Even the best sites in the market didn’t really impress us. Armed with our first-class global practices and our creativity, we got to work.

Content is always at the heart of our projects. And this time was no different. To dive into the assignment and better understand the property’s competitive advantages in the market, we conducted several interviews with the client. Then our copywrite team of native British English speakers got to work beautifully describing the essence and philosophy of the project for the website pages.

We were able to define and demonstrate every advantage of living in this extraordinary complex. Starting with its convenient location, moving on to a narrative of the uniqueness of each of the apartment types, and concluding with the description of the internal infrastructure of The Orchard Place.

We paid special attention to the mobile version, since more than 80% of users will visit the site from their smartphone. The loading speed of the site has an indicator of more than 70 points of the Google Page Speed service on a mobile device. For a site with such a large number of images and the functionality of choosing and viewing apartments, this is a very high indicator.

For The Orchard Place, we implemented the functionality of interactive search and viewing of apartments on the website. The user can easily visit each floor and learn about the characteristics of each apartment.

Thanks to the software we built on ModX, the user can always see relevant information that is synchronized with the CRM client.

We’ve received rave reviews! Many of our UAE clients in the real estate business have visited The Orchard Place site and have responded that it is one of the best examples of websites in this luxury niche UAE market.

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