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BRAB is one of the few companies in online resource development industry to pay that much attention to brand positioning and its communication to the audience through website content content and web design.
The essence of the service
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The essence of the service

We recommend to many Clients, who contact us originally to receive web development and promotion services, to start with brand positioning before we move further. Quite often business owners and top managers have a certain idea of what are the advantages of their product or service, who is their target audience, and what drives their customers. However, often these visions do not coincide, are not integrated into online marketing strategy, or sometimes are even not supported by real advantages and features of the product.

After a series of meetings with representatives of Client’s business we form positioning concept and transmit it through key marketing messages which are later distributed through the website and in online promotion.

What makes .BRAB special

BRAB founders and senior team members have over 10 years of experience executing challenging marketing projects for a whole number of companies. This includes launching new products and running nationwide re-branding campaigns for industry leaders. We heavily utilize our expertise and knowledge of marketing fundamentals to develop and promote online resources.


Key marketing messages

Based on brand positioning and company’s advantages we make a list of key marketing messages and determine how they will be delivered to the audience through the online resource.

Brand communication

Developing website layout, texts and design we make sure that brand positioning is transmitted through every page of Client’s online resource.

Profound knowledge of Client’s product

Development of brand positioning involves close communication with company representatives and the Client. At the beginning of each project we hold a series of meetings to examine Client’s product or service and its competitive advantages. We also study activity of competitors on local and global markets and conduct additional marketing research when it is needed.
What is the result

From our experience effective transmission of brand positioning through content and design of the online resource can significantly raise its results, especially when it comes to converting traffic into sales.

The more clear you explain to the customers ‘why us?’ - through logic and emotion, the more likely they will make a purchase. It is that simple!

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