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The goal of online resource design is to create emotion, communicate idea of the brand, logically arrange information, effectively transmit marketing information and allow user to interact conveniently with the content and functionality of the website.
The essence of the service
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The essence of the service

BRAB develops original design for online resource of every Client. We do not use templates. Designing your website we pay equal attention to both main page and product pages (those with detailed description of the product or service, usually with larger volumes of more specific content).

In website design work we first develop wireframes - “skeletons” of web pages showing the major elements and their positioning, relative size and hierarchy on the page. Then we develop the design concept for one or two pages and approve it with the Client. Then, we create original design for remaining pages based on previously developed wireframes and content. That is how those pages get unique look.

What makes .BRAB special
BRAB offers Clients professional level design, which is not only good looking but also practical in terms of simplicity, clarity and usability.

Design that works

Most of the websites we create become best designs in the industry and bring significant business results to our Clients.

Highest design standards

Our team includes open minded art directors and designers with over 10 years of experience. Each time we start developing a new project, we set the goal to create the best website design on the Client’s market and we regularly achieve it. However, for us design is not just about aesthetic look — design by BRAB focuses user’s attention on the main messages and makes it simple to perceive information.

Highlighting key messages

Design in our understanding (besides it’s aesthetic and usability aspect) is also a tool to draw user’s attention to things we want to communicate. We make a huge emphasis on this point. Close collaboration of designer, copywriter, project manager and the Client ensures we draw attention to correct things.
What is the result
Good website design helps to effectively present Client’s product or service, create emotional appeal, and convince the end customer.
  • We believe that the design should perform the following “jobs”: draw attention, create positive first impression, communicate the idea (or positioning), convey marketing messages, and allow for convenient browsing through all the information and provide intuitive use of website functionality.
  • That is why well developed design is able to significantly increase conversion of visitors to customers at your online resource.
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