Real estate and construction

Online promotion and website development for real estate projects and development companies
BRAB працює з провідними девелоперськими компаніями в СНД та Україні з просування їх об'єктів житлової та нежитлової нерухомості.

We develop websites that present projects in an elegant and exciting way. And complex online promotion in our performance gives developers a stream of real and solvent customers. Check out our cases!

The founders of BRAB in their other business have been working very closely with real estate since 2003. Therefore, we understand this industry "at the level of the abdomen", including how to present a project on the site, what details to describe, how to properly approach the creation of a flow of customers.

New works .BRAB
The Orchard Place
The Orchard Place
New Residential Complex in Dubai
A startup engaged in the analysis of the human retina to detect alcohol or drug intoxication, as well as physiological abnormalities.

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With real estate on "You"

BRAB has experience in various areas of real estate: residential and commercial real estate, parking lots. We can boast that we work with projects in the elite segment, the most prestigious in their cities. Despite the traditionally high price of such projects, we regularly manage to create a stream of real leads for the sales department.

We understand the specifics of the markets of different countries, as well as those aspects of online marketing of residential and commercial real estate that work regardless of the country and segment.

Andrey Boyechko

“With real estate, we are on You. Before and after the creation of the BRAB agency in our other company RAIN, we completed dozens of projects on the development of the concept of real estate objects, assessment of their commercial attractiveness, market analysis.

Some of the projects that we developed have become iconic in their markets - for example, the Diplomat Hall in Kyiv (2004 project). We transfer all this knowledge to BRAB employees when working with Clients from real estate and construction.”

Many of our Clients are companies that have become confident leaders in their industries in country or even globally.

As a result of such intensive practice, we understand the most subtle nuances of online marketing medical businesses, and there are really quite a few of them.

BRAB has experience in a wide range of medical fields:
  • treatment of musculoskeletal problems
  • rehabilitation
  • dermatology
  • plastic surgery
  • medical cosmetology
  • fertility treatment, childbirth and everything related to them
  • ophthalmology
  • neurology
  • medical equipment
Online marketing approach in construction

The most successful is the promotion of real estate projects through a set of tools. The combination of contextual advertising, promotion in SMM, work with online catalogs and aggregators, online PR and mailings to the company's customer bases gives the best result.

The site itself is also extremely important, how deliciously it presents the project, creates an emotion, and how convenient it is.

Roman Baranov
In our opinion, these things need to be conveyed to the site visitor when it comes to real estate. All of them are important in the process of choosing a home or commercial premises.
Show what is nearby. Talk about convenient transport infrastructure. The place is what people buy first of all.
If the house is next to a park, lake, river, or not far from the historical center - you need to show "what the life of the buyer or tenant will be like." How will he wake up in the morning to the singing of birds, run around the park, or walk around the old city.
Apartment plans
Show what's nearby. Talk about convenient transport infrastructure. The place is what people buy first of all.
Планировки квартир
View from windows
Often we give the site the ability to view a 360-panorama or an overview video.
Вид из окон
Home infrastructure
We demonstrate security systems, a hall, everything related to parking, summer playgrounds, etc.
Инфраструктура дома
Construction quality
It is important to tell what materials are used and show that everything is done soundly and with high quality.
Качество строительства
Builder Experience
Tell who the builder is, show all permits and documentation, show other projects. All of this builds trust.
Вид из окон
What's new.BRAB
Multi-page website as an effective tool for promoting a medical clinic
SEO,   Комплексное продвижение,   PPC
Multi-page website as an effective tool for promoting a medical clinic
According to the Pew Research Center (Washington), 80% of Internet users search online for information about diseases and their treatments.1 This corresponds to 59% of all adults. This impressive reach of healthcare consumers makes hospital and clinic websites a versatile tool for customer acquisition and business development.
New Facebook algorithm: how to use it to Your advantage?
New Facebook algorithm: how to use it to Your advantage?
In January 2017 Mark Zuckerberg announced new algorithm for Facebook. He mentioned that the Idea of Facebook is to connect people and it should not be a tool for brand and media promotion, as in 2017 it was overloaded with advertisement.
Main mistakes with the main page of your website
Контент-маркетинг,   Дизайн
Main mistakes with the main page of your website
Traditionally the main page embraces the most important information the website owner wants to present. Even when users make the first contact through the product page or other child page, the Main page is most likely to be the next one they will visit. Therefore, it is vital to know the possible pitfalls beforehand and avoid them at the stage of development.
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