Real estate and building construction

Web development and online promotion for real estate projects and development companies.
BRAB helps the leading real estate developers from Ukraine and other countries to promote their residential and commercial properties.

The websites we create provide an elegant and exciting presentation of residential and commercial real estate projects. Just check out our cases and see for yourself!

Before establishing BRAB, its founders closely workedwith a whole number of real estate business back from 2003. That’s why this area feels so ‘natural’ for us. We know well how to present the project through the website, which details need more attention and description, how to create a decent customer flow.

New projects.BRAB
Diagnostics center for MRI, CT, and ultrasound
Smart device for posture correction

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BRAB experience with real estate

BRAB has experience with various real estate projects: residential complexes, commercial property, parking lots. We are especially proud to work with the most prestigious and expensive real estate projects in the biggest cities of Ukraine and CIS countries. Despite the usually very high price level of these projects, we always manage to draw a flow of potential leads for sales team of the Client.

We always consider national peculiarities of markets in different countries, as well as the fundamentals of online marketing for residential and commercial properties which remain the same around the globe.

Andrey Boyechko

“We made friends with real estate business long time ago. In RAIN, our separate company - a strategy advisory business, we made dozens of successful projects with various real estate Clients. These projects involved developing an idea and concept for a property, assessment of its commercial potential, performing market analysis.

Some of the projects we developed, like Diplomat Hall in Kyiv (2004), became symbolic for local real estate markets. And every time working with Clients from real estate business we pass our knowledge to the BRAB team.”

Многие наши Клиенты - это компании, которые стали уверенными лидерами в своих отраслях в стране или даже в мировых масштабах.

В результате такой интенсивной практики мы понимаем самые тонкие нюансы онлайн-маркетинга медицинских бизнесов, а их действительно не мало.

BRAB имеет опыт с целым рядом направлений медицины:
  • лечение проблем опорно-двигательного аппарата
  • реабилитация
  • дерматология
  • пластическая хирургия
  • медицинская косметология
  • лечение бесплодия, роды и все, что с ними связано
  • офтальмология
  • неврология
  • медицинское оборудование
Approach to online marketing for real estate

Comprehensive approach to online promotion of real estate properties has proven to be very successful. Combination of contextual advertisement, social media marketing (SMM), placement in web directories and on referential platforms, online PR and email marketing show the best result.

Let’s also not forget that the effectiveness of the whole promotion depends on the website. It should be user friendly, appeal to emotions and provide vivid presentation of the project.

Roman Baranov
We believe that the following aspects can be decisive when choosing residential or commercial property and therefore, must be clear to customers on the website
Present surrounding facilities and convenient transportation and traffic. Customers tend to choose a location first.
If there is a park or historic sight, river or lake nearby the property, it is important to highlight how this can improve customer’s lifestyle. Whether it is a bird singing by the window in the morning, nice jog around a park or a pleasant walk along the old city.
Apartment layout
It is important to highlight all the details.That is why we keep constantly improving our apartment preview feature.
Планировки квартир
The majority of the websites we design offer a 360° panoramic photo or video preview.
Вид из окон
Property facilities
We also present the hallways and lobbies, security and surveillance systems, recreation areas and playgrounds, parking lots and more.
Инфраструктура дома
Construction quality
It is important to inform customers that high quality building materials were used to according to all required construction standards.
Качество строительства
Developer credibility
We provide full information about the construction company: licences and permits, documentation and other company’s projects. Such a portfolio makes the developer more trustworthy.
Вид из окон
What’s new.BRAB
New Facebook algorithm: how to use it to Your advantage?
New Facebook algorithm: how to use it to Your advantage?
In January 2017 Mark Zuckerberg announced new algorithm for Facebook. He mentioned that the Idea of Facebook is to connect people and it should not be a tool for brand and media promotion, as in 2017 it was overloaded with advertisement.
Main mistakes with the main page of your website
Контент-маркетинг,   Дизайн
Main mistakes with the main page of your website
Traditionally the main page embraces the most important information the website owner wants to present. Even when users make the first contact through the product page or other child page, the Main page is most likely to be the next one they will visit. Therefore, it is vital to know the possible pitfalls beforehand and avoid them at the stage of development.
Say ‘YES’ to the corporate blog!
Контент-маркетинг,   SEO
Say ‘YES’ to the corporate blog!
Corporate blog is a section of a website which traditionally contains news and events of the company. It is usually quite boring and dull, but You can turn it into a really powerful promotion tool. You just need to know how to do that.
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We seek long term partnership with our clients based on performance results and mutual respect.
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