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BRAB develops programming product within deadlines. It corresponds to previously approved design model and works flawlessly. We manage to achieve this owing to experienced staff, special project execution discipline inside the company, and thorough approach to selection of new team members.
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About the Service

Quality programming assures quick, smooth and comfortable experience with the website from any device (desktop, mobile). Additionally, programming implies creating a content management system which makes future maintenance of the website easy. BRAB also works with challenging tasks like synchronization with internal accounting system or creation of user databases.

Front-end development means turning various web page elements (images, texts, etc.) into a code of browser friendly programming languages (HTML, CSS, JavaScript). It allows to properly display visual elements and texts previously developed by designer in any browser.

Back-end development is a complex approach to create logical code from the side of a server. This logic determines the way this server will handle different kinds of information. This includes operating customers’ requests, interacting with databases, proper display of information at the website.


We do not set development of adaptive (for mobile devices) version aside as a separate task - all our websites perfectly work on all types of devices. We pay a lot of attention to mobile version of the site, since the volume of mobile traffic is rapidly increasing. For some industries it is now over 70-80% and growing.

BRAB uses a team based devision where each project manager has a developer working together with online marketing specialists (SEO specialist, paid advertising specialist). That way we manage to consider and incorporate future promotion requirements already at the stage of coding.


Comprehensive approach

Our programmers directly interact with other specialists (SEO, PPC, designers, etc.). This helps to build proper foundation for website layout, usability and further online promotion. Such an integrated approach significantly reduces development time and excludes extra units from communication chain.

Personal approach

For longer projects (3 months and longer) our Clients don’t have to wait empty handed for the final version of the project. After 1-2 month from the start we already present well developed first version of the site or at least a landing page to use while we keep on working on the project.

Another advantage of working with BRAB is personal approach to every project. We avoid templates since they do not always correspond to marketing goals and product peculiarities of every Client.


Content management systems

We use credible and well spread across the world content management systems (CMS) like WordPress, MODX, OpenCart, Magento, ect. They show great performance interacting with search engines and allow to finish projects with high quality and speed.

This approach makes it easy for the Client to maintain the website in future or hand the project over to other contractor if necessary. Sometimes it makes much sense to offer the Client to develop individual solution based on popular frameworks to manage their online resource.

Proper approach to website programming leads to:
  • High performance speed
  • Reaching the top of search results list quickly
  • Steady performance under heavy workload
  • Adaptive design for mobile devices
  • Content management system for convenient arrangement of website layout
  • User friendly navigation and interface
Network of decor stores and design studio in Khmelnytsky.
Website for the Investment Fund.
Beauty shop.
Website of a specialized service for Apple devices at Novopecherski Lipki district.

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Red Cross Ukraine
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