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Call tracking method allows to determine advertising source of consumer’s call.
The essence of the service
What's Special
The essence of the service
Comprehensive set up of this service helps to evaluate performance of online promotion tools (PPC, SEO, SMM, display advertising, etc.) and offline advertising. In simple words, call tracking allows you to see, how many calls you get from each channel of online and offline advertising. Moreover, you can track effectiveness for certain online promotion campaigns within one advertising channel, like particular keywords or banners.
What makes .BRAB special

Along with professional advisory and recommendations regarding a choice of a certain call tracking system, BRAB provides Clients with expert setup service (both technical and operational).

We provide detailed data collection and further presentation to trace promotion effectiveness for each of the marketing tools involved. Such data allows to evaluate our actions and make timely corrections of digital marketing strategy of the Client.

What is the result
Along with recording calls, well running call tracking tool allows our Clients the following:
  • Trace dynamics for all calls and unique calls for each advertising channel;
  • estimate the average cost of received call comparing expenses for each promotion channel to the number of calls that came from it.

As a result, we have a detailed picture of the efficiency of our promotion efforts, can estimate ROI (return on investment) for each advertising channel, and competently adjust marketing budget distribution.

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