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The aim of this approach is to study Client’s product and highlight points which are most important to communicate to the target audience. These are facts and claims that are meant to grab audience’s attention, explain the product, create trust and lead to purchase. Key marketing messages are the core of the entire process of online resource development at BRAB. Very few digital agencies can do it right but we made it our essential standard of work.
The essence of the service
What's Special
The essence of the service

Key marketing messages include relevant and important information about the product or service which Client wants to convey to the target audience. We make a list of key messages based on brand positioning and information we receive from the Client. Further on, we search for supporting information (stories, facts, numbers) to make these messages trustworthy.

During our work on a list of marketing messages we arrange meetings with leading employees of Client’s company to get the deep understanding of how Client’s product works, and what’s special about it. When necessary, we run a series of broad interviews with consumers and conduct additional marketing research.

What makes .BRAB special
For us all further development (layout, design, content, etc.) is built on marketing messages. BRAB’s founders and key people cary over 10 years of experience from RAIN (an interim management and strategy advisory firm), where they handled challenging marketing projects for leading businesses.
What is the result
In addition to key messages we determine priority level for each of them and support them with facts and details to make them memorable and trustworthy. For further work the list of key messages defines the following:

What actually all the content of the online resource will be about.

  • What messages will appear in online promotion texts.
  • What informational blocks will the website layout include, and how they will be arranged and connected.
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Common mistakes when creating websites for selling real estate in Dubai
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Say ‘YES’ to the corporate blog!
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Say ‘YES’ to the corporate blog!
Corporate blog is a section of a website which traditionally contains news and events of the company. It is usually quite boring and dull, but You can turn it into a really powerful promotion tool. You just need to know how to do that.
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