and food delivery

Special service package for online promotion of restaurants, catering and food delivery.
Promotion tools aimed at fast results. Set-up of the interface for ordering food on the website and launch of advertising campaign in 3-5 days.

The promotion program includes online marketing tools that give a quick result, and which, if necessary, can be targeted to a specific direction: advertising on Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, banner advertising, remarketing, contextual advertising on Google by specific requests in your niche (the type of cuisine, courses, etc.).

If you already have on your website the feature of course selection and order, then launching an advertising campaign will take just a few days. If not, it’s not a problem! We have a ready-developed set of features for ordering food online, which we will adapt to your website and set up in just 1 week!

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Turnkey advertising campaign

We ensure the entire turnkey advertising campaign: marketing strategy, texts, banner design, animated videos, all settings, daily management, and analytics.
Attracting clients for restaurants and food delivery online
What tools are used:
Advertising in social networks (Facebook, Instagram)
Setting up pages in social networks, the development of advertising messages, the development of texts and designs of banner ads, setting up advertising campaigns, daily management and analytics. We can customise it to specific geography (one or more areas of the city)
Contextual advertising
Setting up advertising by narrow search queries related to the cuisine of your restaurant (Georgian, Thai, vegetarian), or specific dishes (pasta, pizza, sushi).
Banner advertising
Displaying media ads on the Google context banner network. We can customise it to specific geography (one or more specific areas of the city).
Setting up an advertising campaign and developing a short animation clip. We can customize it to specific geography (one or more areas of the city).
Displaying advertising banners in social networks to people who have already visited your website.
TIMING: Development of advertising materials, setting up and launching an advertising campaign will take from 3 to 5 business days.
PRICE : Обычная цена услуг агентства - $800 в месяц. По причине карантина, на период до июля 2020 действует сниженная цена - $600 в месяц. An additional advertising budget from $200 is required (the optimal budget will be estimated by us specifically for your project).
  • We can integrate the features of selecting dishes from the catalog and placing the delivery order to your existing website as soon as possible. Your administrator will be able to process food orders in the system, as well as track the status of delivery by courier.
  • The design of the catalog and order forms can be adapted to the design of your website.
TIMING: about 5 business days.
  • Вариант А. $1600 разово, и функционал навеки Ваш! Также, дополнительная стоимость в размере 500 грн. в месяц по поддержке сайта.
  • Вариант Б. $350 в месяц, с минимальным контрактом на полгода.

Цена: +$100 в месяц к стоимости базового пакета (на период до июня 2020 - +$50 в месяц).
Landing page development
If you do not have any website at all, then we will develop a landing page about your restaurant, and add the features for selecting and ordering food. It is fast and not expensive.
Integration with your accounting or CRM-system.
The range of work and price are discussed separately.
Follow-up development of an existing website.
This may be appropriate in combination with launching an advertising campaign if the website is outdated by design, technically, is not optimized for Google, or spits out errors.
  • For such companies as Uber Eats, you are one of thousands of restaurants! No one there is interested in promoting YOU, so the real promotion of your restaurant or chain is in your hands.
  • Food delivery services are an excellent channel for selling your product, and they will remain so in the future. However, it is only your task to promote your brand to the consumer.

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