Rapid increase of unique target calls (first month +53%, second month +72%).
Rise of conversion of traffic to unique target calls by 26% already in second month.
Cost reduction of a single unique target call by 24% already in second month.
Organic traffic grew x2.1 times already in second month.
Increase in quality of traffic for the site (time on website of users more than doubled).
+500 new subscriptions at Facebook monthly just from two regions, where company was doing business (Ivano-Frankivsk and Lviv)
Cost of a single unique target call calculated for each online promotion channel and each line of company’s business activity.

Approach to online promotion of the company focused on website organic traffic growth and content marketing. This involved expansion of the company’s online resource. We boosted each page of the site with average of 15-20 pages of content (MS Word pages) including graphics. For extended pages there special design solutions were developed allowing users to easily look through the content or read carefully for details where it is necessary. This page design is compact and has comfortable navigation.


We keep constantly improving traffic quality for the site taking into account rejection rate, number of views per session, average view time per page. We are also engaged in online reputation management (ORM) for this website.


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