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Social Media Marketing (SMM) is a range of activities aimed at promoting brand and increasing sales through positioning brand, posting content and executing targeted advertising in the social media (Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc.).
The essence of the service
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The essence of the service

What are we doing for our Clients:

  • - First we analyse your business, market and competitors;
  • - We conduct analysis of your current presence in the social media and audit your pages;
  • - We set up, fill with content and re-design your social media pages;
  • - We analyse your target audiences to which we will advertise;
  • - Develop content plan based on your goals, expectations, competition;
  • - Develop user content (unique texts and visual design of publications and profiles);
  • - We regularly post content (based on the developed content-plan) and comments and reactions that appear from the side of your customers;
  • - Set up, launch, and manage advertising campaigns aimed at attracting new customers or leads, increasing website traffic, increasing the number of followers in the social media, etc.
  • - Analyse the interim results and prepare a detailed report each month.
What makes .BRAB special
At BRAB we have a whole team involved in promotion of our Clients through social media under project manager’s supervision. SMM specialist arranges the entire promotion process, manages advertising settings, executes targeting, develops content strategy and analyses results. Whereas designer and copywriter work particularly with the content itself. Such teamwork ensures high quality of the content and effective social media promotion.

Precise targeting

Prior to launching advertising in the social media we thoroughly work on setting up targeting. This involves processing a whole number of parameters, such as target audiences’ interests, behaviour, gender, geography, etc. Doing this work well insures that the ads are shown to users, who correspond to potential customer profile. The better setting up targeting work - the better are the results and the more effective is the use of the marketing budget.

Visual appearance

At BRAB each project team has a separate designer who adds professional graphics to publications. Our Clients get original look and high quality design for their corporate social media accounts (at Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc.).

Transparent budget

BRAB assures transparent payments to any 3rd parties involved (Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, etc.). We separate our fees from advertising budget to avoid conflict of interest and financial abuse.
What is the result
Comprehensive approach to developing SMM strategy and executing promotion can bring solid and fast results in getting new leads and customers, growing sales, increasing brand awareness, product and service recognition. Social media marketing also helps improve company reputation and customer loyalty.

At BRAB we manage to gain for our Clients convincing results in attraction of new leads and customers even with small advertising budgets. First results become visible within short period of time (often, within first 2-3 weeks). Very often even the first month’s results already pay off the cost of social media marketing (including advertising budget and our fee), and often 10 times and more.

We often advise our Clients to start with a smaller budget, get first results, and then increase the budget, when the number of new customers can be better forecasted.

Also, BRAB is one of the few agencies to offer Online Reputation Management (ORM) together with SMM service.

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