Who is our client?

Smakovski — a healthy food delivery service in Ivano-Frankivsk. A new brand from an experienced operator working in the health food market since 2013. In the future, Smakovski aims to expand its geography so that more cities in Ukraine and the EU have the opportunity to taste healthy dishes.

Our mission — to help people live a healthy and happy life, without wasting time on cooking, but at the same time eating varied, tasty, and balanced meals.

The menu is developed with a nutritionist for various dietary programs – vegetarian, vegan, keto, or omnivorous diet.

What needed to be done?

BRAB had the task to develop a convenient site with an established brand style and a developed logo.

A deep analysis of the product, company, and market research confirmed the hypothesis that the project is unique and represents an exclusive service in Ukraine. Therefore, the site turned out to be atypical — a rather complex e-commerce with functionality that no one in Ukraine has.

What was done?

We developed the name «Smakovski».

Combined one of the main characteristics – «taste» in Ukrainian, with the similarity to the surname of an imaginary dietician. Such a name forms the right associations in the consumer:

  • it's tasty
  • it's reliable.

Logo – the brand hero Smakovski.

Graphic visualization of the developed positioning of the brand — «Your Chef, Your Nutritionist».

It consists of a contour outlined figure of a somewhat cartoonish chef with a dish in his hands. He's about to open the lid and serve the dish to the table.

Website is complex to develop, but as comfortable as possible for the user.

The site is large, has many pages, as well as complex and atypical functionality for the Ukrainian market. Therefore, it is specially developed on a self-written system, the Laravel framework, which also provides high page loading speed.

The design of the site is user-friendly and of a really high level. To develop a visual identity, we analyzed many sites in this niche and selected a color palette associated with healthy eating.

We are sure that the apt design and interactive functionality together with a unique product not available in Ukraine, significantly distinguish Smakovski from others.

The site is designed in the «three in one» format, because Smakovski operates in 3 directions: delivery of individual dishes, program nutrition, Heat&Eat.

Delivery of individual dishes

It is a regular food delivery, but with benefits for health and body, as well as with clear filters and navigation.

Program nutrition

The consumer can choose a program for weight loss, weight gain, or weight maintenance, taking into account preferences and dietary systems.

The duration of the program order is from 2 weeks to 1 month. In the interactive calendar, you can: track the date and time of delivery and change it to a more convenient one; see which dishes will be delivered, add or remove items, or choose an alternative dish. For example, if the consumer does not want shakshuka, the system will offer scrambled eggs or other dishes with similar macronutrient composition.

Coming soon!

We are developing a nutrition calculator where the user can specify height, weight, activity level, etc., and find out the number of calories they receive. Depending on the goal, you can adjust the calorie count for future orders.


The idea is borrowed from the Western market. This is the same exclusive offer that no one else has in Ukraine. If you don't feel like cooking but still want to eat delicious and healthy food, you can pre-order a certain quantity of ready-made meals for the week.

The concept is to deliver balanced meals while the consumer enjoys life as well as ease and convenience of placing an order. Functionality feature is in capabilities: choose dishes that best suit the consumer according to taste and special indications, choose the number of items with an automatic discount, as well as a convenient time and place of delivery once or twice a week.


When placing an order, the user has the option to select dishes according to different dietary systems: omnivore, vegetarian, vegan, keto diet. There are options without lactose, gluten, peanuts, honey. The selection of dishes is diverse: breakfasts, soups, salads, snacks, bowls, etc. Each dish is illustrated with a photo of the food on a plate and in the form it will be delivered to the consumer. The price, calorie content, proteins, fats, carbohydrates, and weight of the dish are indicated.

We have visually distinguished each product with different backgrounds and colors.

Complex synchronization with CRM

The client uses an integrated system Poster, which allows for internal accounting, menu management, etc.

Poster is synchronized with the CRM system, which in turn is synchronized with the website. A two-way connection is configured – CRM provides information to the website and receives information from the website.

How does it work?

The website receives information about all dishes from CRM (price, macronutrients, weight, dish photo, alternative if the dish is not suitable, etc.).

All orders come to CRM and are duplicated in the Telegram bot for convenient order tracking. Also, data on payment and delivery are entered into the CRM system.

Wow, how convenient! The manager receives the order and confirms it, and the kitchen receives a detailed order with the exact ingredients. The kitchen knows how many and which ingredients they will need on each day.

Functional Personal Account

In the personal account, the user can manage their orders, view purchase history, current orders, and make changes to the meal programs. They can repeat orders, pause a program, reschedule delivery for another day, or cancel it. Additionally, users can specify lactose allergy, and when placing a new order, the "lactose-free" filter will be automatically selected.

The site is fully SEO-optimized

All content was prepared by BRAB in collaboration with a copywriter from Ivano-Frankivsk. It was important for the client that the texts were written by a native speaker from Western Ukraine, as then they read organically and are easily perceived. Product Information

Each product and meal program has its own landing page with unique text for SEO promotion and advertising launch on Google and social networks.

Payment and delivery methods

Delivery is available via courier or self-pickup. Payment can be made in cash, online by card, or by card upon receiving the order.

Useful service

All you need to do is leave a request for a consultation, and a dietitian will help you choose a menu with the necessary amount of macronutrients based on your goals, lifestyle, and dietary habits.

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