Ukrainian Global Art, an initiative aimed at elevating Ukrainian art to a global level, approached us with the task of creating a stunning website that not only showcases Ukrainian artists but also sparks interest in investing in contemporary Ukrainian art.

Our team designed not just a creative but an exceptionally creative website that captivates users even before scrolling and emphasizes the uniqueness of contemporary Ukrainian art. The use of animations adds an interactive effect, providing a unique experience for each visitor.

We wrote content for the landing page based on the Pitchdeck and interviews with the representatives of Ukrainian Global Art, creating an engaging narrative foundation for the site.

To avoid attention distraction, much of the text was concealed behind tabs. When navigating different sections of the website, visitors can find more information and emerge deeper into the history of contemporary Ukrainian art.

Through animation, we also portrayed four globally recognized contemporary Ukrainian artists who have received support from the fund. A distinctive feature is the presentation of artists in a clickable format for a closer look at their activities and achievements.

The entire front-end layout of the landing page was executed with an understanding of the uniqueness of the artistic initiative and its goal — to impress, inspire, and engage. It was crucial for our team to provide users with a unique and captivating experience of discovering Ukrainian artists and their works.

The website we created for Ukrainian Global Art not only serves as a platform for showcasing Ukrainian artists but also embodies a creative introduction and connection to contemporary art. This site has become an essential tool for drawing attention to Ukrainian artists and creating the desired image for their works.
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