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BRAB is one of the few companies to offer our Clients comprehensive content marketing service.
The essence of the service
What's Special
The essence of the service

Content marketing service involves a complex and systematic approach to creation of high quality content about Clients’ business. This content is spread through different tools and channels, including Clients’ website. Content marketing can gradually transform a regular corporate website into a powerful online media resource, where users can also find non-commercial and useful information about certain subject (which is related to Client’s business). It is important to simultaneously arrange content layout and design. The goal is to organise content in a way that will not scare off users with walls of plain texts and will make it easy to navigate through large volumes of content.

What makes .BRAB special

We create high standard content and distribute it through the website itself, social media, email, and also leading news and business resources in the Client’s industry.

In addition, we systematically power up pages on Client’s website with new high quality content. We strive to make Client’s website the leading informational platform in their industry, where it is appropriate. Once this target is achieved, such online resource, without exaggeration, becomes a truly valuable strategic asset with a reasonable share of Client’s company value.

To make this happen BRAB hires professional copywriters who make up a THIRD of the project team (12 people in total). Under manager’s supervision they work in close cooperation with the Customer.

What is the result
Proper content marketing facilitates: (a) reasonable increase in conversion from visitors to customers and (b) boosts traffic. Also, when Client’s online resource becomes a media resource ‘on the subject’, target audience starts treating company’s brand as areliable expert.
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Main mistakes with the main page of your website
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Main mistakes with the main page of your website
Traditionally the main page embraces the most important information the website owner wants to present. Even when users make the first contact through the product page or other child page, the Main page is most likely to be the next one they will visit. Therefore, it is vital to know the possible pitfalls beforehand and avoid them at the stage of development.
Say ‘YES’ to the corporate blog!
Контент-маркетинг,   SEO
Say ‘YES’ to the corporate blog!
Corporate blog is a section of a website which traditionally contains news and events of the company. It is usually quite boring and dull, but You can turn it into a really powerful promotion tool. You just need to know how to do that.
How popular brands cooperate with opinion leaders
How popular brands cooperate with opinion leaders
Grand brands do it, online stores do it, even small ventures do it - everyone cooperates with opinion leaders to promote their business. And that’s the way to go!
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