Unique practices

We do what others’ don’t
We are strongly convinced that owing to a range of practices and high internal standards we provide Clients with top level services in development and promotion of online resources.
Other digital agencies very rarely practice things from the list below. Years of experience in various industries and being in Client’s shoes while dealing with online promotion and development draw BRAB partners to the following set of principles.
Content from scratch

As a rule BRAB creates content for the entire online resource from the main page to pages with description of product or service characteristics regardless of complexity and Client’s business area.

BRAB is one of the few agencies to prepare all texts, graphics and videos in a close interaction with the Client to assure steady promotion of their online resource. Also the search engines favour the content we produce. Our content is catchy and easy to read, so that it makes user want to buy.

Such high standard of the content takes a team of trained marketing specialists and individual approach to the Client. BRAB has both as our partners and key executives have over 10 years of experience in integrated company business management, online and offline marketing, and other aspects of business.

Professional copywriters make a third of our team. We hire copywriters with exceptional analytical and communication skills to work with our Clients. They also pass additional corporate training inside the company.

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Marketing messages - a cornerstone of website development

We start developing a website with determining a list of "key marketing messages". These are messages about the Client’s product which are important for the target audience and distinguish it from competitors. Next we develop a concept and set a sequence of their appearance at certain pages of the online resource based on their priority.

Sometimes before starting with the website we have to dig into more fundamental issues like Client brand’s positioning.

All further development (layout, texts, design, etc.) is built around the key marketing messages. This approach makes the online resource and its content more convincing for the target audience having direct impact on the number of new customers and sales growth.

We believe that it is impossible to provide high quality services without massive experience in marketing. We bring this experience from RAIN, our company that provides Client’s with interim company management service (read more).(читать об опыте).

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Content marketing - the milestone of online promotion

Regular creation of original content, which is relevant and interesting to consumers, and it’s further distribution through online media and the company’s website is a cornerstone of our online marketing practice.

When it is possible we try to gradually upgrade Client’s website and turn it into a leading informational platform in the industry. This generates a powerful advantage for the Client, quite to difficult to copy for competitors, and drives the efficiency of the entire online promotion activity.

BRAB is one of the few companies to provide that kind of service along with other online promotion and development services. Over 30% of our team are professional copywriters who work in close cooperation with the Client to guarantee high quality of the service.

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Close communication with the Client

BRAB cultivates an extremely high standard of communication with Clients, far above the level, which is currently common for typical IT, marketing and web development agencies.

- Monthly presentations.. Every month we prepare individual presentation for the Client and report about the set objectives and achieved results, traffic dynamics, conversion and sales, and set goals for the next month. Such presentations have a follow up documentation.

- Meeting the Client’s team.. When working on the content for the web resource and online promotion we arrange meetings with key executives from Client’s team to learn more about the product peculiarities and ensure that the content we create is correct from the viewpoint of Client’s industry experts. At certain project stages our project managers and copywriters get together with Client’s representatives several times a week.

- Feedback.. We promptly react at Client’s comments and requests, respond to questions and inform about key events. Project managers keep Clients updates on the progress. We adopted this approach from RAIN, the interim management and strategy advisory company.

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Development and promotion by the same team

There is no doubt that when the same team provides both web development and promotion services under supervision of a single experienced project manager the efficiency of the Client's online marketing campaign increases.

Our corporate structure is built upon this idea.

Considering the importance of content in online promotion (read more about on content marketing page) it is preferable that further promotion and marketing strategies are handled by the same team who designed and developed the initial website for the Client.

With this approach You can get essentially different results for organic traffic, increase the efficiency of every paid promotion method, reach higher rates for conversion from visitors to buyers.

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Constant analysis and regular reports

We prefer analytical approach to online promotion and adjust our actions according to Client business’ financial results dynamics.

As additional service we help Clients build a special infrastructure for data collection and analysis.

For us traffic rates cannot be the only indicator to measure online promotion success. We trace many figures like the number of new customers, customer acquisition cost (CAC) and company’s sales.

Call tracking setup is among the services we provide. It is a complex system to trace calls and their sources which reflects the efficiency of the online marketing campaign and other factors.

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Payments transparency guarantee

BRAB splits all the expenses in two checks: the first covers the services provided by the agency, the second is to pay the third parties involved in the process and is sent separately directly to the Client.

We have seen other agencies billing Clients with a general invoice including both reward for marketing services provided and adjacent promotion expenses paid to third parties. This can lead to severe misuse of the funding from Client’s side and lower online promotion efficiency.

That is why at BRAB we give an account to the Client for every cent we spend. Most of the invoices from the third parties (there are still some payments that the Client is not able to make due to internal technical reasons) are forwarded directly to the Client allowing to monitor the actual expenses and payment references.

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World’s best design standards

Senior designers came to BRAB from best agencies. BRAB partners have 10 years of experience in cooperation with leading design studios and apply the same high quality standards for design inside the company.

As a rule we hire specialists starting with the level of an art director of a network or an agency who has required experience in both graphic and web design. We are passionate about simple, elegant, modern, but at the same time highly functional design which allows us set right emphasis and deliver key marketing messages to the target audience.

Together with web design and various online promotion services we also help our Clients to develop from scratch or renew brand’s logo and corporate identity. Sometimes it is necessary to build a solid foundation for design of the future online resource.

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Programming: when results meet expectations

Our developers work really fast. The websites we develop completely correspond to previously approved layout and design, strictly follow that idea and logic, work flawlessly on all kinds of devices (smartphones, tablets, laptops and desktops).

At certain points of time we had to deal with contractors and coordinated their work in IT development of online resources. Though we chose the best companies on the market, we still faced much trouble in the process.

To begin with, once the agreement was signed the deadlines were constantly postponed, but there was no way to change the contractor. Secondly, even when we created and presented the template design for them, it often came back deviant from provided models. To continue with, communication was unacceptable and left much to be desired. And finally, the end code had many errors which took plenty of extra time and effort to fix.

BRAB offers an opposite experience: we develop front-end and back-end quickly, accurately and according to initial design layout that was previously approved.

How do we do that? It is not about some secret IT knowledge. We simply hire talented specialists with proper attitude and keep execution discipline inside the company. Another important thing is corporate structure which consists of project teams instead of departments. As a result, we manage to meet our Clients’ expectations.

We use common content management systems (CMS), therefore our Clients can easily hand the project over to another agency if they choose to.

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Strong management and unique corporate structure

BRAB consists of project teams instead of departments (designers, programmers, marketing, so on). Each team has 11 specialists supervised by the project manager: 2-3 copywriters, designer, art director, programmer, 4 promotion specialists with different majors (SEO, ORM, PPC, SMM, Referral websites etc.).

The project manager is a true team lead. This person is a front line of communication with Clients to learn and understand their needs, comments and the state their business is currently in. Project manager has authority over any member of the team and can arrange the work in a way to reach the results which Client expects from online promotion.

Even though project managers join BRAB with already significant experience in web development and promotion (from several years to a decade), within the first 6 months in the company they still pass intensive internal corporate training.

We possess a profound understanding of the industry. It is quite obvious that our managers stand above the usual level of other agencies. As a result, Clients always have a person to talk to and the job is done quickly and at its best.

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