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BRAB develops logo and corporate identity at the level of world’s best specialised design studios. Though we do not consider this our major (we focus on web development and online promotion), we still very frequently improve or develop logos from scratch for our Clients.
The essence of the service
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The essence of the service
Brand identity development involves designing the logo and main visual carriers of the brand. In certain cases before we start working with online resource we suggest to redesign the logo and corporate identity mainly because it is essential to develop a great website design.
What makes .BRAB special

There are many benefits in having both your logo, brand identity, and the website developed by ONE experienced agency. Ideas we put in the logo find their way in further website design. We treat every website as the face of the brand and think ahead to have the logo and its elements incorporated throughout it.

Our approach is to study Client’s business and product. This way designing logo and corporate identity we think outside of the box and consider business aspects most of other designers would miss.


Attention to details

BRAB has a special approach to Client’s business. Developing a logo and brand identity we study and define those business aspects which others usually omit.

Integrating brand identity

For us every website is the main carrier of brand image. While developing logo and corporate identity we create a complex vision of the future web design.

Brand books and logo books

BRAB prepares guidelines for the future use of brand identity by other designers (logo book and brand book). In other words, our Clients can utilise or designs on their own and easily work with other contractors.
What is the result

A well developed corporate identity that corresponds to modern trends, reflects company positioning and creates right impression is able to significantly raise value of the brand on the market.

Quality design is one of the main tools to help you reach basic business goals. For instance: stand out among competitors, create credibility, strengthen brand image or initiate conditions for price increase. That is why leading companies pay much attention to logo and corporate identity.

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