Online promotion and website development for medical businesses
Many of BRAB's clients are leading regional and national clinics.

With most of them, we have gone through the path of building online marketing from scratch - from developing a logo and an online resource to achieving confident success in online promotion.

Medicine is one of the most difficult industries to market, including online. BRAB partners managed to understand many of the nuances of promoting medical businesses from their own experience as a result of more than 10 years of practice in this industry, long before the creation of the BRAB agency itself. Today, without exaggeration, we claim to have probably the deepest medical expertise in the country in the online marketing of medical businesses. This is confirmed by a number of successful projects.

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We, as a team, started working with medicine long before the creation of the BRAB agency itself. Carried out such complex projects as strategy development and its implementation. Accompanied the building and development of medical businesses for sometimes several years.

Many of our Clients are companies that have become confident leaders in their industries in the country or even globally.

As a result of such intensive practice, we understand the most subtle nuances of online marketing for medical businesses, and there are really quite a few of them.

BRAB has experience in a wide range of medical fields:
  • treatment of musculoskeletal problems
  • rehabilitation
  • dermatology
  • plastic surgery
  • medical cosmetology
  • fertility treatment, childbirth and everything related to them
  • ophthalmology
  • neurology
  • medical equipment
Online Marketing Approach in Medicine

Like for other industries, for medical businesses, an integrated approach to online marketing is much more effective than working with one or two tools.

In addition to contextual advertising of search engine optimization, SMM, it is especially important for medical businesses to place a company on various online directories, active content marketing, work with online reputation.

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Building Trust

This is an extremely important aspect in the promotion of medical services! First of all, the site itself must create trust in the patient. Here are extremely important

Working with reviews and stories of recovery, presentation of the experience of doctors, description of the peculiarities of the clinic's approach to treatment. Also, social networks (Facebook, Instagram), online directories, review sites can become a source of trust in the company.

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Convenient contact forms

For medical businesses, it is extremely important to work out all the points of contact with a potential client. At the same time, the site should not be dominated by online chats and calls to action...

Intrusiveness reduces trust.

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Content Marketing

Creating interesting and useful content on a topic, as well as gradually expanding the content of the site - works exceptionally well ...

for the medical industry and leads to an increase in organic traffic from Google.

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Call tracking and conversion analysis

For the vast majority of our clients in the medical industry, we are setting up analytics of calls and conversions (recording through the forms on the site) ...

to track how many customers come from each online promotion channel. This allows you to manage your online marketing budget more effectively.

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Medicine is one of the three industries with which BRAB is most active. We can say that we really have a lot of passion for this industry. After all, by helping medical institutions with a quality service to be heard, we also help people to be healthier.
Andrey Boyechko
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