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Developing online resources BRAB prepares entire content: ALL texts, ALL graphics and sometimes video. We create content for main pages and for product pages often containing technical information.

BRAB’s team of specialists works in close communication with the Client. This allows us to develop great websites regardless of the industry (Healthcare, Engineering, IT, High Tech, etc.).A third of our staff are copywriters - which resembles the amount of web content we create for our Clients.

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About the Service

In order to create website content which is relevant, interesting to the audience and with focus on things which should be emphasised from the marketing perspective we thoroughly study Client’s product and cooperate with the Client throughout the project. This requires conducting a number of meetings in person or online with the Client.

Developing content we pack it with messages about Client’s product, its benefits for target audience and advantages over competitors. We also consider semantics in terms of popular relevant search requests.


BRAB is one of the few companies to offer complex of content creation services when developing your online resource. There are agencies who claim that they provide Clients with proper content, whereas in most of these cases it turns out to be basic ‘SEO text’ focusing mainly on keywords for search results. Such texts are mostly technical and are rather difficult to read, besides they tend to be abstract from Client’s product and its presentation to target audience.

Our ability to create high quality content starts from our agency’s organisational structure: one third of our team are copywriters with great analytical and communication skills. We also additionally train our copywriters within the company.


People love our content

BRAB develops interesting and readable content for users. Our texts are adapted for search optimization purposes, however it is barely noticeable from the side. Our priority is to talk straight on the subject keeping it simple and clear.


Google loves our content

Our team includes experienced SEO specialists. Prior to content development we always analyze semantic core and attendant SEO features. Our websites usually reach the TOP at Google search rather quickly and smart content is one of the reasons.


We intensively utilise graphic art, charts and other visuals to present content at a web page. It makes it more visible and easy for perception. Web pages we develop at BRAB consist of structured information blocks with images and graphics. They have attractive layout and have nothing in common with walls of plain text.

We provide Clients with texts for all pages of the site backed up by graphics and video. At final stages the Client approves the content or gives comments for revision. Final texts undergo professional proofreading by a native speaker.

From our experience quality content is the key to success in online marketing. Of course, design and technical factors play role, but it is content that appeals to target audience and makes sales. It is worth mentioning that websites with high quality content and significant quantity of it tend to attract more of organic traffic (from search engines) and have higher conversion rates (from visitor to customer) for visitors from any promotion channel.
Diagnostics center for MRI, CT, and ultrasound
Smart device for posture correction
Belarusian manufacturer of wooden windows
Lviv fairs
Lviv fairs
Organizer of fairs and food festivals in Lviv and other cities of Ukraine.

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Red Cross Ukraine
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