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At BRAB we combine email newsletters and promotion, messengers (Telegram, Whatsapp, Viber), and SMS dispatch. We create a strategy for our Client to apply it through these communication channels, then transform it into a detailed daily action plan, prepare content, and provide technical support throughout the process.
The essence of the service
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The essence of the service
Email marketing implies creating an effective email address collection system and complex communication with the target audience, particularly, sending general and personalized company offers. Such messages can be triggered by various customers’ actions. For instance: abandoned shopping cart (incomplete purchase), updates in order progress, request for feedback, etc.
What makes .BRAB special
When it comes to email marketing (email lists, Whatsapp, Viber, Telegram, SMS, etc.), BRAB offers Clients a whole range of services:

Setting up a proper and effective collection system for email addresses, phone numbers and other contact information.

Designing templates and visual concepts for emails. Constantly creating professional content for messages, including texts and graphics.

Carrying out the process with constant technical support for all the aspects. Analyzing results and effectiveness.
What is the result
  • Proper approach to email marketing (email lists, messengers, SMS) allows to have additional contact with existing customers, remind about yourself, and build up sales. This is a main promotion tool for many business models, especially online stores.
  • Besides, email marketing and promotion through messengers can be quite effective to stimulate further purchases.
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