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Ability to promptly trace the advertising results and frequently adjust your advertising strategy is the main advantage of PPC promotion. Most of the time we are able to make first adjustments after the first week already.
The essence of the service
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The essence of the service

PPC (pay per click) promotion implies building, set up, frequent management and analysis of commercial ads for search engines. The basic idea behind this promotion method is to reflect certain advertisement for specific search requests (keywords) where Client pays for each end users’ click on that ads.

At the beginning we analyse both keywords related to Client’s business offering and promotion patterns of their competitors. Afterwards, we put together and approve with the Client the basic list of most effective and relevant keywords along with the set of negative keywords – the ones that prevent displaying Client’s ads. The next step is to compose proper advertisement texts based on the marketing information about the product, which is determined at the start of the project. The final stage preceding the PPC promotion launch involves adjusting the range of specific settings, determining certain queries to trigger particular ads and selecting landing pages at Client’s online resource the end user will be redirected to from each ad.

What makes .BRAB special
PPC marketing is often considered conventional, where ‘everyone does the same things’. We at BRAB take a whole number of extra steps to achieve most effective results for our Customers.

Relevant Keywords

We thoroughly build up a range of keywords including both frequently searched terms and long-tail keywords (less common but more specific for company’s product) to trigger Clients’ advertisements.

For example: ‘buy jeans’ is a common keyword; ‘buy skinny jeans’ is a medium frequency query; ‘buy Diesel skinny jeans in London’ is a low frequency (or a long-tail) request. We closely work with low frequency queries, and this is what many agencies are not really willing to do! Moreover, we take into account important peculiarities like synonyms, slang or typos. That kind of approach to PPC marketing implies thorough analysis of a great number of keywords in order to select the right ones. As a result, we aim advertisement at a specific target audience to significantly raise promotion effectiveness. We aim to cover relevant, but less expensive keywords, which competitors do not use.


Marketing messages

BRAB creates PPC ads based on marketing messages about Client’s product and its positioning. These are well composed marketing texts designed by a team of PPC specialist, professional copywriter and project manager in close cooperation with the Client. The key to our success is rich marketing experience of our specialists and in-depth study of Client’s product.

Analysis and optimization

Unlike many other agencies on the market, we never take Client’s current online resource for granted. We often propose to make certain changes to it (such as changes in website structure, creation of new pages, etc.) to make PPC promotion even more effective. Our experts put more effort in promotion than anyone else in this field.

Once in a week or two we conduct intermediate express analysis and make major adjustments to PPC-promotion strategy and settings. Minor adjustments are made on EVERYDAY basis, whereas most of other agencies review their Clients’ PPC settings only once a month or even rarely.

BRAB assures transparent payments to any 3rd parties involved (Google, Yandex, etc.). We separate our fees from the cost of placing ads in the promotion budget to avoid conflict of interest and financial abuse.

What is the result
PPC promotion is the most flexible online marketing tool.
  • The main advantage is that you can start with narrow number of keywords and limited investments. Such trial period can help you realise the effects of PPC advertisement at early stages and apply necessary adjustments to strategy or budget.
  • Another advantage of PPC advertisement is that its ads target users who are looking exactly for items alike or related to Client’s product. How many other advertising instruments allow you to target better?! In this way PPC advertisement reaches a very precisely selected target audience refined by keywords, location, and other specific criteria.
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