The cost of application for "Pregnancy care" has decreased
The cost of a click for the "Plastic Surgery" thread has decreased
The cost of conversion for "Maternity hospital" thread has decreased
An increase in traffic to the website and an increase in requests for services from the website.

The client contacted us to promote medical services using contextual advertising in the Google search engine. It was important for the customer to:

  • increase traffic to and get more requests for services from the website;
  • reduce the cost of applications;
  • build a promotion strategy without violating the law on advertising.


To achieve our goals, we have completed the following tasks:

  • elaboration of search queries;
  • detailed collection of the semantic core for various threads.

Separate advertising campaigns were created for each thread in the search.

We used the brand name of the clinic in the text of the ads to increase its recognition and we also indicated the cost of the service. Specific numbers attracted the attention of users, made the announcement more noticeable and aroused trust.

With the help of contextual advertising, we have achieved these results in the following areas:

  • "Plastic surgery" – the cost of a click decreased 3.5 times, the cost of an application decreased 2 times.
  • "Maternity hospital" – the cost of an application decreased 3 times.
  • "Pregnancy care" – the cost of a click has decreased almost 3 times, the cost of an application – 10 times.
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