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Contextual display advertising implies targeted placement of banner which contains a visual (a static image, or animation or contain a short video).
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The essence of the service

The aim of online banner advertisement is not only to inform potential buyers about the product but also to promote the brand itself. Distinctive feature of banner advertisement is that it greatly contributes to increasing brand awareness among target audience. This may indirectly increase the sales through other online and offline sources. Online display advertising in this way is similar to classic outdoor offline advertisement (boards, banners, posters, etc.). However, online always has an advantage: you can click the banner and get directly to the product or service of your interest.

One of the types of contextual display advertising is remarketing. It implies a display of ads to visitors, who have already shown interest to your product or service. For instance, they viewed website directory or the item itself, or purchased similar items online. Remarketing works best for pricey products and services where it takes time to make a decision. Since each project manager at BRAB leads a team of copywriters, web designers and marketing specialists, we can provide the full range of services for contextual display advertising: content design and placement, campaign management and analysis. We also cooperate with leading creative agencies to develop creative ideas for display advertising.

What makes .BRAB special
Banner advertising developed and launched by BRAB is always based on marketing messages about Client’s product and positioning. Developing visuals and messages for display advertising we are very diligent with both creative part and general business logic of the message. Thorough study of the Client’s product that we always do ensures our creative ideas, visuals and texts are 100% relevant.

Quick placement

Teamwork and close cooperation of copywriters, designers and marketing specialists allows to achieve prompt reaction to advertisement placement results and user behaviour.

Modern solutions

We always trace most recent global trends in the field of contextual display advertisement and adopt the best practices. It is false to think that time of banner advertising has long passed.

Transparent expenses

BRAB assures transparency for expenses related to any third parties (Google, Facebook, etc.). We separate our fees from promotion budget to avoid conflict of interest and financial abuse.
What is the result
Increase of brand awareness online and effective promotion of certain products or services.
  • Media or banner advertising has more impact on visitors through visual components and leaves more room for creativity. In online marketing it is considered primarily as a brand awareness instrument rather than a tool directly driving sales.
  • When developing display (banner) advertisement for our Clients BRAB team starts with text message and visual design, then approves the concept with the Client, adopts it to fit all formats and sizes and afterwards analyses results to adjust promotion strategy.
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How high CTR in Google AdWords influences Your profits
How high CTR in Google AdWords influences Your profits
Click through rate (CTR) is a ratio to success of a particular keyword measured by the relevance of advertisements and target pages on a scale from 1 to 10. Keeping it high gives You advantage over competitors at AdWords auction. As a result you get more profits from contextual advertising. Here is some advice from BRAB on how to make it work:
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