Website development
Unique animation effects

We had a task to refresh the design of the previous website (developed by us 4 years ago), create a WOW effect, and emphasize the high-tech nature of the company’s products. Since the target audience is doctors and top management of clinics, the website should have a well-thought-out and understandable structure and minimalistic design.

Our 3D designer developed a unique composition of 3 elements based on draft sketches. A rather complex effect was implemented: showing 3D shapes with the preservation of the light source on each model, using the gyroscope of mobile devices. Our team of programmers, using treejs and pixijs technologies, were able to give this composition life and ease of flight.

The company’s products are technologically advanced and expensive. We show their advantages by implementing the “product features” display system. The website administrator, independently through the CMS, can focus the user’s attention on a specific object or product image by selecting a place through the coordinate system.

The structure of the project is thought out to the smallest detail. We have improved UI/UX metrics using user behavior data from the previous version of the website.

In terms of online marketing, we work with a SEO promotion company. We can boast that working with small budgets and narrow tools, we managed to significantly increase traffic to the website. As a result, the number of requests from potential new customers increased by about 20%. Given the high price of the equipment, these are exceptionally high return on advertising investments.

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