bServed, a provider of comprehensive Utilization Management programs and healthcare solutions, approached our agency to enhance its online presence and branding. The goal was to effectively communicate bServed's expertise and the advantages of their service to hospitals, Independent Physician Associations, and Health Plans.

Our journey with bServed began with a reevaluation of their brand identity. This included rebranding the company's name to "bServed." We also conceptualized a dynamic logo symbolizing document management and business processes improvement, creating a strong visual representation of their services. Our team created a comprehensive brand book that served as a guide for maintaining a consistent corporate identity across all platforms and materials. Also, we developed booklets and banners tailored for conferences and offline branding efforts, ensuring a consistent brand presence across all channels.

We focused on creating a minimalist and professional website design. This design was characterized by a limited color palette with high-contrast elements set against a clean white background. We incorporated subtle animations to enhance user engagement and convey a sense of trust and reliability, catering to top-level executives in the healthcare industry.

After conducting in-depth interviews with bServed's management, we created SEO-optimized content tailored specifically to the healthcare industry. To ensure the website effectively communicated bServed's industry expertise, our team collaborated with the U.S.-based copywriters.

Our team also developed dedicated webpages for bServed's services, complemented by strategically placed ads. Custom landing pages were designed to address the unique needs of their diverse client base, including Hospitals and Health Plans for Insurance companies.

Our agency created a 40-page company presentation, prominently featured for download on the website. We took care of both content and design to ensure that it provided a comprehensive overview of bServed. As we can see from the analytics, it is being frequently downloaded by the website’s visitors. To effectively showcase bServed's key services and highlights, we produced an engaging animated video. This video not only serves as an informative tool on the website but is also valuable for presentations at conferences and events.

Our comprehensive digital marketing strategy encompassed various channels, including Google Ads, LinkedIn content marketing, and outreach efforts. We initiated conversations with key decision-makers, optimized online visibility through strategic SEO, and connected with leads from middle and top management.

Through our strategic partnership with bServed, we successfully elevated their online presence and solidified their position as a trusted healthcare solutions provider. Our ongoing collaboration ensures that bServed continues to evolve and adapt to the ever-changing healthcare landscape, ultimately benefiting their clients and the industry as a whole. We are proud to have played a pivotal role in bServed's journey towards digital excellence.

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