MARVI is a Ukrainian IT product, a business management system with CRM and ERP functions, designed specifically for ophthalmology clinics and optical stores. During its development, special attention was paid to studying the specifics of business processes in optics and ophthalmology that differ from other areas of medical business. This made it possible to develop the most effective and convenient business process management system in the fields of ophthalmology and optics.

Our client turned to BRAB for comprehensive assistance. The task consisted not only in the development of the website, but also in the formation of the brand’s style. Creating a brand name, logo, visual identity requires a detailed study of the company and the product. A series of meetings, research and reflection have been carried out to present MARVI to you now as it is.

During the development of the website, we wanted to both demonstrate the product visually and show its advantages. An IT product is serious and often hard to grasp, so its presentation needs simplicity and logic. There is a lot of content on the website, but our approach to its placement and formatting makes it easier to perceive the information.

First, separate landing pages for optical stores and ophthalmology clinics are a feature. This allows users from each target audience to easily find the descriptions of MARVI features that are relevant specifically for them. Separate landing pages also allow to conduct online marketing campaigns specifically for ophthalmology clinics and optical stores.

Secondly, it is the presence of visual WOW effects. The use of bright accent colors in the design and animated elements with the system demonstration improves the perception of this rather serious product. We also developed a corporate hero — the animated dog MARVI. It is a smart and intelligent assistant that introduces users to the system and adds friendliness, ease and life to a completely technological product.

In our work, we used the professional ModX content management system. This allows performing SEO optimization of the website and enables high loading speed.

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