A startup engaged in the analysis of the human retina to detect alcohol or drug intoxication, as well as physiological abnormalities. In fact, mPaired performs the same function as the Draeger breathalyzer used by law enforcement to detect alcohol consumption and prevent driving under the influence. But mPaired technology offers important differences: It is more accurate and requires only a smartphone with a camera

mPaired is a startup that came to us with only an investor presentation. No other content had been previously created. Consequently, we were tasked with developing the structure and content completely from scratch. To achieve an authentic representation of our client’s product, our copywrite team studied the technology and mechanics of mPaired’s laboratory research that had developed their technology. All this made it possible to prepare a structure that would be clear to the user, and describe a rather complex technology in simple words.

When developing the design, our primary aim was to show how mPaired had come up with a futuristic and unique technology, and to demonstrate its advantages over other older methods. We also wanted to show the wide range of applications of the technology. To do this we needed a WOW effect, beginning with the very first seconds of viewing the site.

Interlocking animated rectangles pop onto the screen and float evocatively over a looming background of a giant iris, blue green and all-seeing. The fixed stare of the eye represents the intensity of the technological wonder of the product. The landing page was made using the ModX content management system. This allows basic SEO optimization to be performed, which, together with rich and unique content, offer a strong potential for promotion in Google search results. Also, if necessary, the site administrator can manage text content without the need of a programmer.

The mPaired project is an outstanding example of how difficult content can be made interesting and understandable when properly written and imaginatively displayed in the design.

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