Dress fittings per day
from 180
High quality leads per month

At the beginning of our cooperation, the client had low sales and the number of fittings by potential buyers (brides).

Since the first month of work, we have launched an advertising campaign on Instagram. The development of all publications takes into account the positioning of the brand and the unique features of the dresses in the assortment of the salon. Since the target audience is quite demanding - young girls, active social networks users - we need to find bright, unworn messages and maintain the visual part at the top level. Well, as in other cases, we analyze the results almost daily and optimize the settings of advertising campaigns.

At the end of the second month, the result reached 3-4 fittings per day only from advertising on social networks. Prior to this, the client's indicators for a long period were several times lower.

We also successfully launched a regional advertising campaign in Google Ads. The result of the campaign in one month was more than 100 interested users who contacted the salon by phone, as well as a large number of online applications. Thanks to the successful work of the two tools, the salon has excellent regular fittings and sales.

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