inquiries from customers over 3 months
average website visits a month
calls over 3 months, 172 of which were considered by the sales department as high quality leads
Facebook followers in 4 months
Instagram followers over 4 month (organic!)
visits from organic traffic in 3 months from the website launch (with high conversion to leads)
Triumph Avenue

The main obstacle was a price range. Promoting the most expensive real estate in the city one obviously can not expect a large number of calls. However, a single successful sale is enough to fund the entire marketing campaign. Nevertheless, our team was able to generate a large and constant stream of new leads (calls, contact requests through website contact forms.

In 4 months the estate was almost sold out! Online advertising led by BRAB was the main promotion method.

Triumph Avenue

The website we developed includes a whole number of features, such as convenient way to search for apartments, parking places and commercial facilities. Every apartment has an individual page where customers can view blueprints and layouts, and check if it is still for sale. Comfortable navigation allows to search for apartments by floor, building block number of bedrooms and area metrics.

The website presents all the advantages of the estate, since details matter the most for elite housing. We also highlighted the benefits of location. The interactive map displays the nearby infrastructure: restaurants, coffee shops, medical and healthcare facilities, schools and kindergartens. You can also check out the city view of the area from the windows directly at the site.

Triumph Avenue

User friendliness, elegant design, and optimization for online promotion (SEO, broad structure and a lot of content) contributed to quick sales.

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