In 2 months we managed to create a fully functional online product. First of all, it tells the story of the author of the project and delivers information about the beauty shop in a simple and clear way.

Despite the seemingly compact size the website still has all the features and attributes of a complete modern online resource. The structure of the site consists of 5 main blocks and each of them reveals detailed information about the art studio.

There is enough content on the site as well. It is original and fully reflects the idea of the beauty shop and focuses on how they treat customers and what special services they offer.

It is worth mentioning that every service has an individual page with its description. This helps to raise website ratings for search engines. Quality content does not only deliver information to the customer but also serves as a powerful tool of content marketing.


And now comes a cherry on the cake: the website includes and interactive block “Ask Stylist a Question”. This form allows visitors to send questions or comments and attach photos to get a professional beauty advice about their hairstyle, nail shape, etc. online. From online promotion perspective it is a great way to generate content and introduce an interactive blog.

“VG Art Studio” corporate website is about quality rather than size.


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