traffic growth with the same budget over 2 months of work
growth in the number of calls from online advertising
The number of appointments with new patients made through online promotion channels raised by 2.1 in half a year (within the initial budget).
+23% for organic search first page TOP results.
+1150 new followers at Facebook in 2 months.
Medical Club

One of the most complicated tasks was to fill the pages with extensive content to deliver Client’s marketing messages to the end user/consumer. The website includes a few dozen of surgical operations performed in the clinic. For each of these procedures we composed a unique text to describe in detail: What is the operation for? How does it work? What are the preoperational preparations and prohibitions? How does the rehabilitation process go? Why is Medical Club special?

Medical Club

Designers’ task was to make these volumes of content easy to read and comprehend, with accessible information and comfortable navigation. In addition, the website must have elegant, exquisite and beautiful appearance.

Medical Club

In just half a year of comprehensive promotion of the clinic’s existing website and online resources of several leading doctors we managed to boost traffic and attract new patients without any extra expenses.

Remark [notice]: recently the Client made changes to the website. We see that it lost much of its original design and marketing idea. Also, technical parameters, like speed of load, suffered a lot. We can provide a link to original version of the website upon your request!


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