This project was very challenging in content development. Working from highly technical source material from a variety of specialized documents, our task was to study the available information and present it in a simple form. To better understand the company’s business model and objectives, we held a series of detailed meetings with the client to immerse ourselves in their product development and design process. Our copywriter separately studied the principles of operation of modern smart devices, such as smart watches, smart rings, and wireless headphones.

Our team developed the structure and content for the Landing Page to specifically achieve the client’s main objective -- attracting electronics manufacturing companies to partner with them.

The design gives a high-tech impression of the company, showing how the Nohayo algorithms can be applied to various wearable devices. Animations create a more vivid and lively site and demonstrate Nohayo’s innovation.

A special design challenge for us and Nohayo was to "pack" such a large amount of content into one Landing Page. We resolved this by using tools to expand text-rich blocks.

The Nohayo project is a clear example of how proper planning and cooperation with the client can allow us to implement the entire project in under four weeks.

It also illustrates how a single-page website (landing) can contain more information than an average multi-page site.

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