N1 Beauty
Achieving the goal of 20 orders per day
Launching Google Ads from scratch

The client turned to us for the promotion of cosmetic products using contextual advertising in the Google search engine. It was important for the customer:

  • to solve the problem with the blocking of the account in Google Ads;
  • to increase site traffic and get more transactions from the site;
  • to reduce the average transaction cost;
  • to build a promotion strategy without violating the advertising law.


Our team faced a difficult task to launch an account that was blocked by the system several times due to violation of Google Ads rules. Our specialists managed to remove the block and launch advertising campaigns.

We started working with a new account with zero results. Thanks to the right optimization of trade advertising campaigns, we reached the expected result of 20 transactions per day and are now working on improving the indicators to the level of more than 30 transactions per day with Google Ads.

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