We had two tasks ahead of us:

1. Development of a website for the presentation, promotion and sale of a product.

2. Development of a mobile application for device management.

Website development

It was important to create a web resource that would be able to present the device as much as possible and understandable at the same time. The website is created with humor and in a dynamic and friendly way. It tells about Atlant: how to use it, how the application works, who may find it useful. The presentation style is common for both the website and the application.

The web resource has videos and animations that tell about the device in a fascinating and simple way.

Application Development

The first task that we faced was to create an application due to which the device would work correctly.

The application tracks the movements of the human torso and repeats this trajectory on the screen using a 3-D-visualized human model. As a result, the user sees himself from the outside and understands how to change his body position.

We have created an application structure based on the tasks and best practices of direct competitors, as well as TOP companies from related niches. We have studied the best practices of applications about health and lifestyle.

We have developed a prototype and design of each screen view in the application. We have created all the text content in the application that corresponds to the tone of voice of the website.

Since Atlant works via Bluetooth, it was necessary to make two versions of the application: for iOS and Android. We support the software development of a mobile application for two versions. And at the moment we are at the final stage of development.

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