The main task of BRAB was to place a large amount of content on the website. To this end, we have created a structure in which the text is competently divided into logical blocks. Thus, the website visitors can easily find the necessary information.

We have separately thought out landing pages for the main areas of the agency's work, as well as for the main packages of services. Some of the pages are designed specifically to promote individual segments of the agency's clientele.

When developing the design, we carried out an in-depth analysis of the practices and mistakes of competitors in this industry. As a result, it helped us to stand out in the market due to modern design, unobtrusive animations and a thoughtful, logical structure.

At the same time, the complexity of this site was the content. The industry is very specific, and our copywriters had to delve into both medical and legal peculiarities, as well as understand the advantages of the agency over competitors. To do this, we talked closely with the director of the company, after which we were able to compose texts with a detailed description of the services. You won't find empty talks on the site!

We also created naming and logos from scratch. In the minimalistic name and logo, it was important to reflect the main idea and evoke warm innate associations of a long-awaited child.

A separate task that we solved both in naming and in logo design is to convey a sense of professionalism and create an association with medical services. The logo symbolizes the process of fertilization, although some people see it as a process of cell division.

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