The return on investment in advertising is on average 5 times
Increase in the number of bookings by 2 times
Improving the reputation and rating on hotel search sites
Development of a new website

The Сlient already had a website that did not sufficiently reflect the features of the hotel and the territory, and had an outdated design. Our task was to develop a new website and launch an online promotion.


Also, a full optimization for SEO was performed for the new website.

The work with the website was done efficiently and accurately, which allowed us to demonstrate all the features of the hotel and the area, its advantages for tourists, information about rooms and reservations on the web resource.

For online promotion, we used contextual advertising and promotion in social networks, as well as worked with online reputation. Contextual advertising was set up almost from scratch. We have reached a standard high level of payback.

Working with campaigns has become a separate area. We developed package offers and campaigns, launched them for promotion primarily through SMM. The results were excellent. As a result, we received high user engagement, sometimes up to 50 comments with specific questions and booking requests per month.

We have greatly increased the company's rating on key online hotel booking resources. On average, during the period, we managed to double the number of bookings, calls and the income of the hotel. This is despite the fact that the hotel was previously known and has existed for a long time.

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