Objective: develop from scratch visual brand identity for a new premium Italian lingerie brand. This brand has the idea of following one’s dream in the center of its positioning.

Solution: logo with a calligraphic style that represents lightness and minimalism.


Joseph Lakes

Objective: develop a logo for a premium housing estate in the city of Lviv.

Solution: the logo reflects the shape of the building and depicts its architectural elegance. The entire website design follows the style and character of the logo.

Озера Йозефа


Objective: develop a logo for a wholesaler and retailer of leading brands of purses, suitcases, wallets and other leather goods.

Solution: brand name was developed by one of BRAB copywriters and translates from Spanish as “with me”. This name perfectly matches the essence of the product. The logo contains an iconic image of a suitcase bag referring to products the company sells.



Objective: develop a logo for a dating agency.

Solution: the chat bubbles merged into a heart shape compose a logo that represents relationship initiated through online communication.

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