Did You know that there are ‘Buy Now’ buttons in the head of Your customers and that they can be activated by special ‘triggers’?

‘Trigger’ is mental tool of marketing to provoke a customer to take specific action action: make a purchase, order a service, call support or give a hug to a sales representative. Triggers are built upon primary human emotions like happiness, fear, greed, grief.

When applied properly, these methods can multiply sales and increase profits.

1. Mutual gratitude

Everybody likes presents - the more, the better. However, to download a free copy of the book you leave Your email. And that check list You want becomes available after You fill out a brief form at the website. Rings a bell? That is what we call a ‘trigger for mutual gratitude’.

  • Offer valuable content to the client in exchange for subscription, personal contacts, likes and reposts.
  • Award newly registered customers with discounts or one time coupons.
  • Help and support the customer throughout the process of the purchase. For instance, it can be a guidance or a tutorial.

2. Order in a single click!

Human beings happen to be lazy by nature. There are little chances to make a sale if you make them think and click many buttons around the website. So make sure to do most of the job for the client Yourself. Look at the website from customer’s perspective, simplify the process and remove potential obstacles.

How can You make it easier for the client?

  • Comparison mode for products and services;
  • Integrated price calculator;
  • ‘All Included’ service packs;
  • Clear and simple order form.

3. Low stock

Imagine a situation: You like a dress. And everyday You visit the online store to look at it. You keep looking for days, then weeks, and suddenly the web page with the dress says: ‘Low Stock’ or ‘Only 3 Left’! What are You going to do now? Obviously, You buy the precious dress, since there a only few left! That’s how marketologists make an artificial product shortage. Limited stock always raises interest in the product. Take advantage of it!

  • Set up a countdown for a sale: ‘Special offer valid for the next 5 hours only!’
  • Limit the number of discounts: ‘First 10 orders get 50% off!’
  • Make an impression of a product shortage: ‘Last item!’

4. Become part of the whole.

This trigger makes customers think that ‘everybody has it, but You’. As a result people are willing to spend money to keep up with the trend an not to fall out of the crowd.

  • Mention the number of customers who ALREADY purchased this service or product.
  • Refer to a real person from a certain segment of the target audience. Nobody likes to leg behind other competitors.
  • PayPal, WebMoney, EasyPay and another 5 Ukrainian online payment systems already work with us. It’s only You who doesn’t have proper online marketing yet!

5. Fear

If You know the fears of Your target audience - JackPot! It is a powerful weapon for sales. It does not mean to force people to buy the product. Your goal is to provide solution to the customers and relieve their pain: lose weight, earn money, gain confidence, grow long hair, get smarter, etc.

Examples for headers with ‘fear trigger’:

  • ‘Save Your Marriage - The 6 Fundamentals of Solid Relationships’.
  • ‘Earn Over $1000 Monthly - Join the QA Testing School’.
  • ‘Forget About the Pain in the Back Once and for All - Use Our ‘Wonder Lotion’.

It’s a known fact that 90% of the people buy things subconsciously and come up with the cause of the purchase already after it was made. Proper utilization of triggers provide powerful emotional impact upon the customer and make them buy from You instead of competitors!

To make triggers work

Triggers work well, but they are still just a cherry on top of the cake.

There is plenty of basics to deal with before You even consider using triggers.

First of all, the product must be compatible on the market in price, quality and other aspects.

Secondly, communication and marketing messages of the online resource must instantly highlight the advantages of the product and create positive impression.

Without these fundamentals triggers will look absurd and only irritate the clients. But if You did Your homework, triggers will contribute to promotion success (sales, calls, subscriptions, etc.).