Grand brands do it, online stores do it, even small ventures do it - everyone cooperates with opinion leaders to promote their business. And that’s the way to go!

According to recent study by Nielsen (American global company for big data and marketing research), 92% of customers tend to trust recommendations from friends or celebrities more than any other kind of advertisement. Moreover, 75% of buyers rely on information from social media.

Today, 67% of western marketing specialists closely interact with influencers and challenge deals aimed at promotion of products and services

Instagram had 4.2 billion posts daly in the last year. In these 12 months search for ‘influencer marketing’ in Google increased by 325%.

Growth of advertising in Instagram led a great number of brands to spending money on opinion leaders. Influencers win trust creating useful and memorable content. When users feel that recommendation is safe and trustworthy, they follow it and make a purchase.

Today, bloggers, aka trendsetters, aka influencers or opinion leaders are no longer just people with popular Instagram and Facebook accounts. The make a powerful communication channel used by modern comalies to draw attention of a vast audience. Communicating with customers through celebrities, brands become closer to their target audience.

Ukrainian companies make no exception. The scale of interaction between Ukrainian leading brands and influencers is really impressive. Let’s take look at the most interesting cases.

NYX Ukraine

NYX often cooperates with beauty bloggers and makeup stylists, initiates contests and ‘giveaways’. There is plenty of posts and stories under #nyxcosmetics and #nyxukraine with the number of views and likes getting sky high. For instance, the ‘giveaway’ from Ania Markovich (digital infkuencer, 100K followers) gathered 7949 likes.

The Beauty Blogging Academy, special project from NYX Professional Makeup together with Air academy, is the unconventional way of cooperation with opinion leaders. Beginning beauty-, fashion- and lifestyle bloggers had two weeks of intensive training form one of the leading YouTube schools. Diana Gloster and Masha Oz - top Ukrainian beauty bloggers of YouTube and Instagram - participated in the project.

Maybelline NY

Maybelline NY also actively uses influencer marketing method to draw followers.

‘Maybelline NY Bloggers’ is a compilation of video reviews from Nadia Dorofeeva (DoDo VLOG, 745 824 followers), Diana Suvorova (445K followers), Liza Krasnova (121 205 followers) and Tania Kravchuk (104 825 followers). These beauty bloggers presented reviews, tested new makeup, recorded tutorials and used brand’s makeup in everyday life. All of these videos were broadcasted through the channel and gathered total of 2,782,000 views.

In the context ‘In Style With Nadia Dorofeeva’ advertising campaign for Maybelline Colossal Big Shot mascara 5 videos were shot and cut in New York. Together they gained 2.5 million views.

As a part of ‘City Life Makeup’ campaign Nadia Dorofeeva together with other bloggers and a team from Maybelline New York Ukraine launched a project to inspire millions of young women to look impeccable in everyday situations. Overall 3,919,000 views in under 2 months.

Citrus & Mirinda

Project ‘Citrus Experiments’ engaged Andrei Nemodruk from the ‘ND Production’ channel. Since the launch of the channel Andrew and his team shot multiple parodies, sketches and funny clips. They had millions of views from over 2,000,000 subscribers.

‘Citrus Experiments’ was a series of test drives and trials for newest trendy gadgets with original experiments and burst of emotions from ND Production.


In the context of advertising campaign for Sandora Fruitz the ‘juicy’ brand arranged a #FruitzRunners zorbing race. Sasha Ozolin, Valada Garmash & Roma Oleshuk, famous bloggers and participants of the #VideoZhara2018 fest raced in branded zorbs from Sandora Fruitz which coloured as cranberry, orange and lemon.

The aim of the #FruitzRunners event was to give fresh emotions to the audience and add a twist to summer days.


The MaxFactor brand invited three famous bloggers: Ilonkis, Alina Frendii and Sofia Stuzhuk - to speak about the one advantage that they think makes them confident and different from others. The girls shared these factors at the photo shoot and later published the pictures and interviews under #myfactor. Quite soon many other beauty bloggers and pretty ladies joined the flashmob focused on individual uniqueness of every woman.


Nivea gathered hundreds of touching stories under #sorryforthewrinkles as a part of their advertising campaign for the anti-aging Cellular series. Nivea’s intention was to give a chance to remember moment of disturbance, say ‘sorry’ to our mothers and thank them for endless support and love. 

User publications collected 10,000 likes, whereas the top bloggers’ posts reached 45,000!


A team of top bloggers with Masha Timoshenko, Diana Gloster, Tania Parfilieva and Dasha Suvorova promoted the shining smile and healthy habits as a part of the Listrine #21dayswithListrine project.

They posted photos and shared their experience with Listerine and challenge results. This advertising campaign turn out to be highly effective: in 3 months the publications gained 145,000 likes and 2,150 comments altogether.

Andre Tan

Fashion designer Andre Tan engaged 6 top bloggers in the launch of his new collection. They were Tania Parvilieva, Diana Gloster, Tania Prentkovich, Sofia Stuzhuk, Yana Stanishevska and Adnrei Trushkovski with total audience of 1.7 million followers. About 20,000 users viewed the video stream of a photo shoot at official designer’s page, while the bloggers shred backstage photos and videos in their stories. We will see result with time, what the crowd is wearing on the streets.


An the context of Style Hub project, Intertop made a video compilation of the stories of success of fashion celebrities. Bloggers like Andrei Trushkovski, Diana Gloster and Vlada Garmash tried on the shoes and shared fashion recommendations.