Traffic tripled during the first 3 months
500+ new subscriptions monthly at Facebook, also through ‘inviting’
Due to active target advertisement website gets 980 in traffic per month
3:32 мин
Average time on site increased to over 3.5 minutes.

Intense work with SEO and content marketing facilitated significant growth of organic traffic. Optimization of banner advertisement campaign with maximum focus on target audience extended average user session time at the website to 3:32 min.

Complex approach to online promotion from BRAB tripled traffic for Custom Culture website just in 2 months. Previously, there was a lot of traffic from abroad which resulted in low sales. BRAB managed to increase the share of traffic from Ukraine, as a target market location, up to adequate 85-90%.

Custom Culture Ukraine

For contextual marketing at Google we optimized the list of relevant keywords for each line of business (including brands) and started placing them at platforms. Along with site promotion we also manage corporate Facebook and Instagram accounts.

Custom Culture Ukraine

After 7 months with BRAB Client notes remarkable increase of sales.


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