BRAB developed a new website that gives a better positioning of the company and shows the benefits of the bands it represents. The main focus was on the shopping section. We made this online store easy to use on any kind of devices. Back-end for the website was completely redone, so now it works without failure. Our team also developed a new logo for the company which kept the traditional corporate identity features but with a fresh look.

Comprehensive approach to promotion and website relaunch are already giving impressive results. The supporting numbers and stats will soon be published.

We decided to give each of the motor oil brands an individual landing page to better highlight their advantages. This way we placed own company’s brand DynaPower on the same par with global motor oil brands like Aral and IPONE, which also was one of the Client’s requirements.


Website structure includes 5 main blocks which contain information about the company, brands it represents and terms of their partnership with the online store. Additional sections help customers to choose the right product from the very first pages.


The website comes in 2 languages and properly displays on any kind of devices. This has a positive impact on user experience and sales dynamics. In other words the BRAB team did its best to make the website attractive, with high page speed, understandable and user-friendly.


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