The purpose of the website is to promote festivals to 3 audiences: guests (consumers), sponsors (Coca-Cola, beer makers, grocery companies, etc.), entrepreneurs (restaurateurs, caterers, individual entrepreneurs that place their points of sales in food courts).


We have created landing pages on the website for each audience:

  • guests - the entire website and pages of festivals;
  • sponsors - the "Sponsors" page;
  • participants - the "Entrepreneurs" page.

We have developed pages of each type of festival with a description of the concept. As well as each event, taking into account specific festival, dates, city and program.

We have worked out the stylistics of the site (little men), which reflects the "festival" mood.



A promotion in social networks was launched to target the audience of entrepreneurs (operators of cafes, restaurants, catering). Despite a very specific and narrow audience and B-2-B segment (which is traditionally more difficult in social networks), they received more than 50 leads per month, most of which were relevant.

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