The Ortau residential complex is located in the center of Almaty in the ecologically clean Keremet district. The new residential complex is a place for people for whom it is important not just to buy an apartment for life. Therefore, we were faced with the task of showing that Ortau is the choice of those who care about the functionality of rooms, location, infrastructure, quality of house construction, and atmosphere. It was also important to demonstrate the house as a profitable investment for a specific segment of the target audience – young people with high incomes who never stand still.


The main feature and advantage of the Ortau residential complex is an innovative All-in-one system that expands the boundaries of the apartment. Each resident of the complex, in addition to their apartment, will have access to 18 facilities: a congress hall, an entertainment center, a professional kitchen and others.

The design of the website is both stylish and restrained – at the request of the Client, it should not be bold, but purposeful.

The website contains all available apartment layouts and information about the progress of the construction of the house.

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